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shellfiles Add a chrome alias
solarized @ 644d4db Add salarized as a submodule
vim Use jsxhint for js linting
.gitignore Ignore vim/bundle
README Add vim folder to README
gitconfig Add git empty-commit
gitignore Don't ignore bin
global.css Add global.css to use for all sites in Safari
gmail.css GMail now has bigger monospace fonts
mess mess config for new server
npmrc Add npmrc
phoenix.js Add a shortcut to GitX Let’s give the pwd backgrounds a try Order import statements by lenght/a-z
subversion-config Add proper mime type to PDFs when added to svn
urlview .urlview


Here are my personal configuration files for the shell
and a couple other tools I use on a daily basis.

I don't set up a new machine every day, so there is
no automated way to symlink all the needed files out
of this folder.

Here are the suggested links:

~/dotfiles              -> dotfiles
~/.bashrc               -> dotfiles/shellfiles/sample-shellrc
~/.zshrc                -> dotfiles/shellfiles/sample-shellrc
~/.vimrc                -> vim/vimrc.vim
~/.vim                  -> vim
~/.ssh/config           -> ssh-config
~/.gitconfig            -> gitconfig
~/.subversion/config    -> gitconfig
~/.mess                 -> mess
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