A web front-end for Munki, written in PHP and Objective-J
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What's MunkiFace?

At the moment, it's a work in progress. What it will eventually become is a web application front end for Munki.

Pages Of Interest

Basic Roadmap

Read Only

The biggest problems with Munki have absolutely nothing to do with it's abilities and reliability, but rather Munki simply isn't very good at communicating with humans (pun intended). Therefore, the first goal of MunkiFace is to create a clean read-only interface that allows the administrator to view the repository for verification and reporting purposes. For example, if a manager asks what applications are being pushed to a particular lab, you'd be able to send them out to to MunkiFace and select the catalog associated with the lab in question. Until this first goal is met, you'll still need to parse the plists manually and send the filtered data on, which is just no fun.

Read / Write

After the read-only functionality is pretty solid, I'll start working on some very basic read/write stuff. Basic as in, providing a mechanism for editing the description of the installer and hopefully adding drag-n-drop functionality such that manifests can be created and modified by simply dragging packages from one list into another.

Full C.R.U.D

Finally, there should be some way to import new packages and automatically run the various munki tools that keep the repositories/catalogs all clean and in sync. Lots to do, so off we go...