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Oracle challenge type for CTFd
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CTFd Oracle Challenges

When creating a challenge, an endpoint for an "oracle" is specified. This oracle handles challenge deployment and testing. It must respond to a post request to /create and /attempt.


Clone into CTFd plugins directory.

Oracle API

POST - /create

JSON will be provided with the integer team_id and boolean force_new.

The endpoint must ensure a challenge instance for the specified team exists, and return a string with details containing any information needed to interact with the deployed instance.

If force_new is true, the endpoint must create a new instance and may delete the old instance. If force_new is false, the endpoint should create a new instance only if no instance has been created, and should otherwise return the already existing instance.

POST - /attempt

JSON will be provided with the integer team_id.

The endpoint must validate whether or not the team's challenge instance has reached a solved state. If the instance has been solved, a 200 code should be returned, if the instance has not been solved, a non-200 code should be returned.

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