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package violetear
import (
// ResponseWriter wraps the standard http.ResponseWriter
type ResponseWriter struct {
requestID string
size, status int
start time.Time
// NewResponseWriter returns ResponseWriter
func NewResponseWriter(w http.ResponseWriter, rid string) *ResponseWriter {
return &ResponseWriter{
ResponseWriter: w,
requestID: rid,
start: time.Now(),
status: http.StatusOK,
// Status provides an easy way to retrieve the status code
func (w *ResponseWriter) Status() int {
return w.status
// Size provides an easy way to retrieve the response size in bytes
func (w *ResponseWriter) Size() int {
return w.size
// RequestTime return the request time
func (w *ResponseWriter) RequestTime() string {
return time.Since(w.start).String()
// RequestID retrieve the Request ID
func (w *ResponseWriter) RequestID() string {
return w.requestID
// Write satisfies the http.ResponseWriter interface and
// captures data written, in bytes
func (w *ResponseWriter) Write(data []byte) (int, error) {
size, err := w.ResponseWriter.Write(data)
w.size += size
return size, err
// WriteHeader satisfies the http.ResponseWriter interface and
// allows us to catch the status code
func (w *ResponseWriter) WriteHeader(statusCode int) {
w.status = statusCode