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TypeScript Playground

This is a fully web based TypeScript development environment with React support to help learn these technologies within a simple to use interface. There are many of these out on the internet however I wanted to create one with these goals -

  • Fully web based (no server side code)
  • Full intellisense support for TypeScript
  • Full intellisense support for React Library and JSX
  • Code is compiled within the browser using the TypeScript JS Library
  • Easy to use interface, no bells and whistles

View demo here -

Technical Details

There were two main challenges with this project. One was working with the TypeScript compiler API to get it to emit code that I could dynamically load into the browser. The second was working with the Monaco Code Editor to get intellisense for React and JSX. I spent alot of time experimenting with these 2 components and different compiler options before I was able to get it work. The Monaco Editor (which also powers VS Code) is very powerful. However I did not find a lot of information and code examples on the internet that dealt with some of the more complex scenarios such as referencing external libraries. After the JS code is emitted I use a JavaScript eval() to run the code. For JSX I had make small modififcations to the emitted code in order to get it to run. Originally I was trying to load it as an AMD module, but then ultimately settled on just updating the compiled output. This is an area I am still working to improve.


To Build the project first install TypeScript and the dependencies

npm install -g typescript

npm install

Then use the TypeScript Compiler to build the JavaScript Files



This app makes use of the following libraries:

  • Bootstrap - overall styling and mobile layout
  • JQuery - some DOM manipulation and Ajax calls
  • RivetsJS - lightweight model view JavaScript Framework
  • Monaco Editor - Web based Code Editor
  • TypeScript - strongly typed superset of Javascript
  • React - Javascript library for managing view
  • RequireJS - AMD module loader
  • Font Awesome - great icon pack
  • SplitJS - handles the split view between Editor and Output




Fully web based TypeScript development environment with React support






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