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This roll installs NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit and NVIDIA Driver. Versions of toolkit and driver are specified in file. To build with differnt version see section Requirements below. For more information about the NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit please see the official NVIDIA developer website


To build/install this roll for different toolkit/driver version you need to download CUDA toolkit and driver source files (*.run format) from :

and plase them in respective directories in src/nvidia-driver and src/nvidia-toolkit. Update file with new version numbers.

The toolkit distro is ~1Gb. Must have enough space (~ 1.5GB) in / when building the roll.


To download the distribution sources (form google drive) execute

# ./

To build the roll, execute :

# make 2>&1 | tee build.log

A successful build will create cuda-*.x86_64*.iso file.


To add this roll to existing cluster, execute these instructions on a Rocks frontend node:

# rocks add roll *.iso
# rocks enable roll cuda
# (cd /export/rocks/install;  rocks create distro)
# rocks run roll cuda >

And on login/frontend node execute resulting

# bash 2>&1 | tee  add-roll.out

To install on GPU-enabled compute nodes (similar instructions for GPU-enabled vm-ontainers nodes) Set node attribute :

# rocks set host attr compute-X-Y cuda true

On each GPU node disable nouveau driver and create new grub configuration and build a new initramfs

# /opt/cuda_XY/bin/disable-nouveau

Reinstall compute nodes (only GPU-enabled):

# rocks set host boot compute-X-Y action=install
# rocks run host compute-X-Y reboot

The compute nodes can be also updated with cuda roll without a rebuild. After a cuda roll is intaleld on the frontend, execute on each compute node:

# yum clean all
# yum install cuda-nvidia-driver cuda-toolkitXY cuda-toolkitXY-lib64 cuda-toolkitXY-base cuda-moduleXY
# yum install freeglut-devel
# /sbin/chkconfig --add  nvidia
# /opt/cuda_XY/bin/disable-nouveau
# reboot

where XY is the short hand notation of the cuda toolkit version.

What is installed

The following is installed with cuda roll:

/opt/cuda/driver/ - NVIDIA driver
/etc/rc.d/init.d/nvidia  - nvidia startup/shutdown script (disabled on login/frontend node)
/etc/modprobe.d/disable-nouveau.conf - blacklist nouveau  configuraion file
/opt/cuda_XY/  - CUDA toolkit
/opt/cuda_XY/etc/nvidia-smi-commands - example list of nvidia-smi commands
/opt/cuda_XY/bin/disable-nouveau - script to permanently disable nouveau driver

where XY is the short hand notation of the cuda toolkit version. Dependencies RPMS (needed for some cuda sample and cuda toolkit applications) installed :


On login/frontend nodes:

/opt/cuda_XY/samples  - CUDA toolkit samples
/opt/cuda_XY/doc  - CUDA toolkit documentation
/var/www/html/cuda - link to cuda html documentation, will be availble via

In addition to the software, the roll installs cuda environment module files in:

/usr/share/Modules/modulefiles  (for CentOS 7)
/opt/modulefiles/applications/cuda  (for CentOS 6)

Modules set all needed environmetn for using cuda toolkit. To use the modules:

% module load cuda


The tests commands are run on GPU-enabled nodes.

To find information about installed GPU card execute:


Run GPU device tests :

% /opt/cuda_XY/bin/deviceQuery
% /opt/cuda_XY/bin/deviceQueryDrv
% /opt/cuda_XY/bin/bandwidthTest
% /opt/cuda_XY/bin/p2pBandwidthLatencyTest


Some users reposrt increase in virtual memory use when using CUDA. See following links for additional info.

Useful commands:

pmap -x PID
more /proc/PID/smaps

GPU monitoring plugin for gmond