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Added results.clj file. Now all level wins saves in user's home direc…

…tory in .snakejure file. Also menu jlist internal structure modified. Now it's date vector [level-name result] instead of string level-name and added CellRenderer to build JPanel using vector.
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commit 5af5b73a051e5ac1160d1e66a19cff1248b48405 1 parent 7694f78
@nbeloglazov authored
@@ -11,11 +11,12 @@ To win game you must "lay" on every "noiser" (magenta rectangles) simultaneously
First you should choose level you want to play and press enter.
To start/pause game press space. You can change direction with arrow keys.
To return to main menu you can press escape.
+If you win at least 1 level .snakejure file will be created in your home directory for saving your results.
+Actually it's just with simple map in it in form {"level name 1" :win, "level name 2" :win}
## Installation
-You can see, that it's leiningen project, but I don't use leiningen it right know.
-I hope I'll start use it in future.
+You need to have leiningen to install all. Just run lein deps and neccessary libs will be downloaded.
## Structure
@@ -27,6 +28,7 @@ game_gui.clj - contains functions, which creates and runs concrete level.
menu_gui.clj - contains functions, which creates frame and displays menu, where user can choose some level.
It also creates panel by function from game_gui.clj and displays it.
level_loader.clj - contains functions for loading all levels from levels directory.
+restults.clj - few functions which read/write .snakejure file in home directory.
levels directory - directory with clj files, which represents levels.
Each level is a separate clj file with at least 1 public function - "level-description" with no arguments:
4 project.clj
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
(defproject snakejure "0.1"
:description "Snake game written in clojure"
- :dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.2.0-master-SNAPSHOT"]
- [org.clojure/clojure-contrib "1.2.0-SNAPSHOT"]
+ :dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.2.0-RC1"]
+ [org.clojure/clojure-contrib "1.2.0-RC1"]
[log4j/log4j "1.2.16"]]
:dev-dependencies [[swank-clojure "1.2.0"]])
50 src/snakejure/menu_gui.clj
@@ -1,29 +1,49 @@
- (:import (javax.swing JFrame JList JOptionPane)
+ (:import (javax.swing JFrame JList JLabel JOptionPane JPanel ListCellRenderer)
(java.awt.event KeyAdapter KeyEvent)
- (java.awt Dimension)
+ (java.awt Dimension Color)
(org.apache.log4j Logger FileAppender SimpleLayout Level))
(:use [snakejure.level-loader :only (get-levels-map)]
- [ :only (create-game-panel)]))
+ [ :only (create-game-panel)]
+ [snakejure.results :only (update-results get-results-map)]))
-(def width 100)
-(def height 400)
+(def #^{:private true} width 300)
+(def #^{:private true} height 400)
(def *log-file* "log.txt")
(def *log-level* (Level/TRACE))
-(defn init-logging
- "Inits logging to log all level changes to *log-file*"
+(defn- init-logging
+ "Inits logging to log it to *log-file*"
(doto (Logger/getRootLogger)
(.addAppender (FileAppender. (SimpleLayout.) *log-file* false))
(.setLevel *log-level*)))
-(defn- create-poor-jlist []
+(defn- get-level-vectors
+ "Create vector of levels + according result"
+ []
+ (let [level-names (sort (keys (get-levels-map)))
+ results (get-results-map)]
+ (for [name level-names] [name (results name)])))
+(defn- create-list-renderer []
+ (proxy [ListCellRenderer] []
+ (getListCellRendererComponent [list [name result] index is-sel has-focus]
+ (doto (JPanel.)
+ (.setName name)
+ (.add (JLabel. name))
+ (.setBackground (if is-sel
+ (Color/LIGHT_GRAY)
+ (Color/WHITE)))))))
+(defn- create-poor-jlist
"Creates Jlist without any listeners."
- (let [level-names (apply sorted-set (keys (get-levels-map)))]
- (doto (JList. (to-array level-names))
- (.setSelectedIndex 0))))
+ []
+ (doto (JList. (to-array (get-level-vectors)))
+ (.setCellRenderer (create-list-renderer))
+ (.setSelectedIndex 0)))
(defn- switch-panel [frame panel]
(doto (.getContentPane frame)
@@ -39,7 +59,9 @@
(defn end-fn [frame name result]
(case result
- :win (JOptionPane/showMessageDialog frame (str "You win level " name))
+ :win (do
+ (JOptionPane/showMessageDialog frame (str "You win level " name))
+ (update-results name :win))
:lose (JOptionPane/showMessageDialog frame (str "You lose level " name))
(switch-panel frame (create-jlist frame)))
@@ -49,7 +71,7 @@
(proxy [KeyAdapter] []
(keyPressed [e]
(when (= (.getKeyCode e) (KeyEvent/VK_ENTER))
- (let [name (.getSelectedValue (.getSource e))
+ (let [name (first (.. e getSource getSelectedValue))
levels-map (get-levels-map)
game-panel (create-game-panel ((levels-map name))
(partial end-fn frame name))]
28 src/snakejure/results.clj
@@ -0,0 +1,28 @@
+(ns snakejure.results
+ (:import ( File)))
+(defn- get-results-file
+ "Returns file .snakejure, which will be looked for in home directory."
+ []
+ (File. (str (System/getProperty "user.home") "/.snakejure")))
+(defn get-results-map
+ "Return map with results. If ~/.snakejure file doesn't exist return empty map."
+ []
+ (let [file (get-results-file)]
+ (if (.exists file)
+ (load-file (.getAbsolutePath file))
+ {})))
+(defn- save-results-map
+ "Writes results to ~/.snakejure file."
+ [results]
+ (spit (get-results-file) results))
+(defn update-results
+ "Loads results, updated them and saves."
+ [level-name result]
+ (-> (get-results-map)
+ (assoc level-name result)
+ (save-results-map)))
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