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This fork's variances from the core repository:
- Added Actions:
	- :export - (csv) uses customized selection of columns and the filter setup in search action
	- :print - (html, pdf)
	- :refresh - an ajax refresh of the list
	- :customize - list column customization
	- :revision - supports acts_as_revisionable
- Includes render_component. No need to install another plugin.
- Localization is supported per Rails example - not in the plugin. Only 'en-us.rb' is included in plugin.
- Generator support
	- script/generate active_scaffold user
- :config block additions
		ActiveScaffold.set_defaults do |config| << :verify # Add your own actions to security
			config.left_handed = true
			config.upper_case_form_fields = true
			config.secure_download_key = "DOWNLoadMyFileplease"
    	config.subform.layout = :horizontal # Specify your preferred subform layout
	- secure_download - support for putting your file repository somewhere other than public and allow secure download
		- Supply a secure_download_key in config block (see above)
		- In active_scaffold config block:
			column#options = {:secure_download => true},
		- In your model (if using file_column plugin):
		  file_column :package, :root_path => File.join(RAILS_ROOT, 'files')
- :field_search additions:
	- Filter operators for other data types including 'BETWEEN' for:
	- js :failure action is populated
	- Loading indicator support
	- default params for like_pattern param on all helper methods
	- rid of active_scaffold_search_multi_select in favor of active_scaffold_search_select
- :list additions:
	- Left or Right-handed format (see config block above)
	- do_list_by_sql method - build your list with a sql statement
	- Handle no_entries_message via t() method
	- Stack user created row based actions - limits the width of action column
	- Show that list is filtered by showing a link in column header of action column that allows for a quick reset.
	- #make_available_method override method - specify in the model if value is available, useful when a field is dependent on other fields
	- display and calculation formatters for:
		- :usa_zip
		- :usa_phone
		- :usa_money
		- :percentage
		- :ssn
- :create/:update additions:
	- Exception handling in active_scaffold_input_for. It is nice to know you just messed something up in the config block.
	- Just in case you want to use it in a wizard-like fashion - params[:wizard_controller] is preserved throughout
	- :boolean types are treated as checkboxes by default
	- All helper methods include - ,options = {})
	- #form_ui => :hidden
	- Force all fields to be UPPER_CASE or
		column#options = {upper_case_form_fields => false}
	- Support :horizontal or :vertical sub-forms
	- ActiveRecord Error messages display at the top and the bottom of forms - just in case you have a really long form and the browser does not auto-scroll to show you the top of the form on submit.
	- A few helpers:
		- active_scaffold_add_existing_label and active_scaffold_add_existing_input
		- remote_image_submit_tag
		- :form_ui supports additional types of:
			- :yes_no_radio
			- :true_false_radio
			- :usa_zip
			- :usa_phone
			- :usa_money
		- client-side js formating for:
			- :usa_zip
			- :usa_phone
			- :usa_money
			- :percentage
			- :ssn
- Specify action links with a symbol or a string
- SemanticAttribute integration - inspect column type and required-ness from SemanticAttribute
- RecordSelect integration - I use it all the time so I make sure it works.
** For all documentation see the project website: **

ActiveScaffold plugin by Scott Rutherford (, Richard White (, Lance Ivy (, Ed Moss, and Tim Harper

Uses DhtmlHistory by Brad Neuberg (

Uses Querystring by Adam Vandenberg

Uses Paginator by Bruce Williams

Supports RecordSelect by Lance Ivy

== Version Information

Please note the following list of Active Scaffold branches and Rails versions. Master will not work with Rails < 2.2

Rails master (edge): Active Scaffold master
Rails 2.2.*: Active Scaffold rails-2.2
Rails 2.1.*: Active Scaffold rails-2.1
Rails < 2.1: Active Scaffold 1-1-stable (no guarantees)

Released under the MIT license (included)