A tool for browsing RNA secondary structure information
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A tool for browsing RNA secondary structure information

Structure Surfer is a web tool for scientists who want to browse RNA secondary structure information from different labs. It's online here:


This repository contains the Python script that the webtool uses to browse the database. It also contains a MySQL dump describing the tables.

Creating The Database

The full Structure Surfur database is available as MySQL dump file at pennbox. No login is required.


You will need mySQL installed and a user account with the ability to GRANT SELECT priviledges. Run this command:

mysql -p < structure_surfer.mysql

Alternately, you can create an empty Structure Surfur database for your own data with the MySQL dump file in this folder.

Both methods make a database with three tables:

structure_score - RNA secondary structure scores with genomic coordinates

structure_source - The experiments that generated the scores

transcript - Exon coordinates for transcripts

Browsing The Database

structurePlotMaker.py is a tool for browsing the database. It can handle a few types of requests. It generates a table of results in plaintext and in xml as well as an xml plot.

Python requirements



Get scores from all datasets using genomic coordinate

python2.7 makeStructurePlot.py -c chr7 -s 45459777 -e 45459811 -g mm -pfx my_output_file

-s and -e The start and end coordinates

-c The chromosome

-g Specifies the genome: mm (mouse), hs (human) or at (thale cress)

-pfx The prefix for the three output files

Get average score of several regions using a bed file

In some cases it's useful to take several regions of interest and find the average score profile across them.

python2.7 makeStructurePlot.py -b my_input_file.bed -g mm -pfx my_output_file

-b The file name of a bed file containing the coordinates of interest. All bed intervals must be of the same size.

Get scores from an annotated transcript

python2.7 makeStructurePlot.py -t AT3G61897.1 -g at -pfx my_output_file

-t Transcript ID. This must be a transcript ID that exists in the transcript table. The download from pennbox has IDs from NCBI, PDB and The Arabidopsis Information Resource.