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* ZipInputStream: Support zip-files with trailing data descriptors
* Adjust rdoc stylesheet to advertise inherited methods if possible
* Suggestion: Add ZipFile/ZipInputStream example that demonstrates extracting all entries.
* Suggestion: ZipFile#extract destination should default to "."
* Suggestion: ZipEntry should have extract(), get_input_stream() methods etc
* SUggestion: ZipInputStream/ZipOutputStream should accept an IO object in addition to a filename.
* (is buffering used anywhere with write?)
* Inflater.sysread should pass the buffer to produce_input.
* Implement ZipFsDir.glob
* ZipFile.checkIntegrity method
* non-MSDOS permission attributes
** See mail from Ned Konz to ruby-talk subj. "Re: SV: [ANN] Archive 0.2"
* Packager version, required unpacker version in zip headers
** See mail from Ned Konz to ruby-talk subj. "Re: SV: [ANN] Archive 0.2"
* implement storing attributes and ownership information
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