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2006-07-01 10:04 thomas
* Rakefile: Don't autorequire zip/zip - autorequire is deprecated.
2006-06-30 09:28 thomas
* Rakefile: [no log message]
* NEWS, lib/zip/zip.rb: Bumped version number and reformatted NEWS
a bit.
2006-06-29 22:49 technorama
* lib/zip/zip.rb, NEWS: documentation additions
2006-04-30 06:25 technorama
* TODO, lib/zip/zip.rb, test/ziptest.rb: add documentation and test
for new ZipFile::extract
* lib/zip/zip.rb: add some of the API suggestions from
* lib/zip/zip.rb: apply patch for bug #1446926
* lib/zip/zip.rb: apply patch for bug #1459902
2006-04-26 17:17 technorama
* lib/zip/zip.rb: add ZipFile @restore_*, documentation update
2006-04-07 21:13 technorama
* test/: gentestfiles.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb, ziptest.rb:
additional tests
2006-03-28 04:11 technorama
* lib/zip/zip.rb: start of unix_uid, unix_gid, restore_* support
* lib/zip/zip.rb: follow_symlinks is now optional
* lib/zip/zip.rb: add eof? methods
* test/ziptest.rb: eof? tests
2006-02-26 09:57 technorama
* README: add to authors
* TODO: [no log message]
2006-02-25 12:04 thomas
* lib/zip/zip.rb, test/ziptest.rb: Did away with ZipStreamableFile.
2006-02-23 08:03 technorama
* lib/zip/zip.rb: unix file permissions. symlink support. rework
ZipEntry and delegate classes. reduce memory usage during
2006-02-22 23:44 technorama
* lib/zip/zipfilesystem.rb: update permissionInt for mkdir
2006-02-04 10:42 thomas
* lib/zip/: ioextras.rb, zip.rb: Merged patch from oss-ruby.
2005-11-19 16:17 thomas
* lib/zip/zip.rb: [no log message]
2005-11-08 08:23 thomas
* lib/zip/ioextras.rb: Accepted patch from oss-ruby
2005-10-07 09:54 thomas
* TODO: [no log message]
2005-09-06 21:19 thomas
* lib/zip/zip.rb: [no log message]
* NEWS: [no log message]
* lib/zip/zip.rb, test/gentestfiles.rb, test/ziptest.rb: Fixed
problem on windows - tempfile has to be set to binmode again when
it is reopened
2005-09-04 16:45 thomas
* Rakefile: [no log message]
* TODO: [no log message]
* test/ziptest.rb: [no log message]
2005-09-03 10:27 thomas
* NEWS: [no log message]
* TODO, lib/zip/zip.rb: [no log message]
* lib/zip/ioextras.rb, lib/zip/zip.rb, test/ziptest.rb: Merged
patch from oss-ruby at
* test/ziptest.rb: Added failing test that shows that read and gets
don't mix currently
2005-08-29 08:50 thomas
* lib/zip/: ioextras.rb, zip.rb: [no log message]
* NEWS, lib/zip/zip.rb: [no log message]
* lib/zip/zip.rb: [no log message]
* lib/zip/zip.rb: [no log message]
2005-08-07 14:27 thomas
* lib/zip/zip.rb, NEWS: [no log message]
2005-08-06 11:12 thomas
* lib/zip/: ioextras.rb, zip.rb: [no log message]
2005-08-03 18:54 thomas
* lib/zip/zip.rb: Read/write in chunks to preserve memory
2005-07-02 15:08 thomas
* lib/zip/zip.rb: Applied received patch concerning FreeBSD 4.5
2005-04-03 16:52 thomas
* samples/.cvsignore: [no log message]
* samples/: qtzip.rb, zipdialogui.ui: Added a qt example
2005-03-31 21:58 thomas
* lib/zip/zip.rb, test/ziptest.rb: [no log message]
* test/zipfilesystemtest.rb: [no log message]
2005-03-17 18:17 thomas
* Rakefile: [no log message]
* NEWS, README, lib/zip/zip.rb: [no log message]
* install.rb: Fixed install.rb
2005-03-03 18:38 thomas
* Rakefile: [no log message]
2005-02-27 16:23 thomas
* lib/zip/ziprequire.rb: Added documentation to ziprequire
* README, TODO, lib/zip/ziprequire.rb: Added documentation to
* Rakefile, test/ziptest.rb: [no log message]
2005-02-19 21:30 thomas
* lib/zip/ioextras.rb, lib/zip/stdrubyext.rb,
lib/zip/tempfile_bugfixed.rb, lib/zip/zip.rb,
lib/zip/ziprequire.rb, test/ioextrastest.rb,
test/stdrubyexttest.rb, test/zipfilesystemtest.rb,
test/ziprequiretest.rb, test/ziptest.rb: Added more rdoc and
changed the remaining tests to Test::Unit
* lib/zip/: ioextras.rb, zip.rb: Added documentation to
ZipInputStream and ZipOutputStream
2005-02-18 10:27 thomas
* README: [no log message]
2005-02-17 23:21 thomas
* README, Rakefile: Added ppackage (publish package) task to
* README, Rakefile, TODO: Added pdoc (publish doc) task to Rakefile
* README, Rakefile, TODO, lib/zip/stdrubyext.rb, lib/zip/zip.rb,
lib/zip/zipfilesystem.rb: Added a bunch of documentation
* test/ziptest.rb: [no log message]
2005-02-16 20:04 thomas
* NEWS, README, Rakefile: Improved documentation and added rdoc
task to Rakefile
* NEWS, Rakefile, lib/zip/zip.rb: [no log message]
* Rakefile, samples/example.rb, samples/example_filesystem.rb,
samples/gtkRubyzip.rb, samples/write_simple.rb,
samples/zipfind.rb, test/.cvsignore, test/gentestfiles.rb:
Improvements to Rakefile
2005-02-15 23:35 thomas
* NEWS, TODO: [no log message]
* Rakefile, rubyzip.gemspec: Now uses Rake to build gem
* Rakefile: [no log message]
* lib/zip/zip.rb, test/.cvsignore, test/ziptest.rb, NEWS: Fixed
compatibility issue with ruby 1.8.2. Migrated test suite to
* NEWS, lib/zip/ioextras.rb, lib/zip/stdrubyext.rb,
lib/zip/tempfile_bugfixed.rb, lib/zip/zip.rb,
lib/zip/zipfilesystem.rb, lib/zip/ziprequire.rb, test/.cvsignore,
test/file1.txt, test/file1.txt.deflatedData, test/file2.txt,
test/gentestfiles.rb, test/ioextrastest.rb,
test/notzippedruby.rb, test/, test/,
test/stdrubyexttest.rb, test/testDirectory.bin,
test/, test/zipfilesystemtest.rb,
test/ziprequiretest.rb, test/ziptest.rb, test/data/.cvsignore,
test/data/file1.txt, test/data/file1.txt.deflatedData,
test/data/file2.txt, test/data/notzippedruby.rb,
test/data/, test/data/,
test/data/testDirectory.bin, test/data/ Changed
directory structure
2005-02-13 22:44 thomas
* Rakefile, TODO: [no log message]
* rubyzip.gemspec: [no log message]
* install.rb: Made install.rb independent of the current path
(fixes bug reported by Drew Robinson)
2004-12-12 11:22 thomas
* NEWS, TODO, samples/write_simple.rb: Fixed 'version needed to
extract'-field wrong in local headers
2004-05-02 15:17 thomas
* rubyzip.gemspec: Added gemspec contributed by Chad Fowler
2004-04-02 07:25 thomas
* NEWS: Fix for FreeBSD 4.9
2004-03-29 00:28 thomas
* NEWS: [no log message]
2004-03-28 17:59 thomas
* NEWS: [no log message]
2004-03-27 16:09 thomas
* test/stdrubyexttest.rb: Patch for stdrubyext.rb from Nobu Nakada
* test/: ioextrastest.rb, stdrubyexttest.rb: converted some files
to unix line-endings
2004-03-25 16:34 thomas
* NEWS, install.rb: Significantly reduced memory footprint when
modifying zip files
2004-03-16 18:20 thomas
* install.rb, test/alltests.rb, test/ioextrastest.rb,
test/stdrubyexttest.rb, test/ziptest.rb: IO utility classes moved
to new file ioextras.rb. Tests moved to new file ioextrastest.rb
2004-02-27 13:21 thomas
* NEWS: Optimization to avoid decompression and recompression
2004-01-30 16:17 thomas
* NEWS: [no log message]
* README, test/zipfilesystemtest.rb, test/ziptest.rb: Applied
extra-field patch
2003-12-13 16:57 thomas
* TODO: [no log message]
2003-12-10 00:25 thomas
* test/ziptest.rb: (Temporary) fix to bug reported by Takashi Sano
2003-08-23 09:42 thomas
* test/ziptest.rb, NEWS: Fixed ZipFile.get_ouput_stream bug - data
was never written to zip
2003-08-21 16:05 thomas
* install.rb: [no log message]
* alltests.rb, stdrubyexttest.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb,
ziprequiretest.rb, ziptest.rb, test/alltests.rb,
test/stdrubyexttest.rb, test/zipfilesystemtest.rb,
test/ziprequiretest.rb, test/ziptest.rb: Moved all test ruby
files to test/
* NEWS, install.rb, stdrubyext.rb, stdrubyexttest.rb, zip.rb,
zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb, ziprequire.rb,
ziprequiretest.rb, ziptest.rb, samples/example.rb,
samples/example_filesystem.rb, samples/gtkRubyzip.rb,
samples/zipfind.rb: Moved all production source files to zip/ so
they are in the same dir as when they are installed
* NEWS, TODO, alltests.rb: [no log message]
* filearchive.rb, filearchivetest.rb, fileutils.rb: Removed
filearchive.rb, filearchivetest.rb and fileutils.rb
* samples/.cvsignore, samples/example_filesystem.rb, zip.rb,
samples/example_filesystem.rb: Added
samples/example_filesystem.rb. Fixed Tempfile creation for
entries created with get_output_stream where entries were in a
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Fixed mkdir bug. ZipFile.mkdir didn't work if
the zipfile doesn't exist already
* ziptest.rb: [no log message]
* TODO, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Globbing test placeholder commented
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
and open
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented DirFsIterator
and tests
2003-08-20 22:50 thomas
* NEWS, TODO: [no log message]
* zipfilesystemtest.rb: [no log message]
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
ZipFsDir.foreach, ZipFsDir.entries now reimplemented in terms of
* README: [no log message]
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: [no log message]
* zipfilesystem.rb: All access from ZipFsFile and ZipFsDir to
ZipFile is now routed through ZipFileNameMapper which has the
single responsibility of mapping entry/filenames
* alltests.rb, stdrubyext.rb, stdrubyexttest.rb: Added
stdrubyexttest.rb and added test test_select_map
* zipfilesystem.rb: ZipFsDir was in the wrong module. ZipFileSystem
now has a ctor that creates ZipFsDir and ZipFsFile instances,
instead of creating them lazily. It then passes the dir instance
to the file instance and vice versa
* zip.rb, zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb:
honours chdir
* stdrubyext.rb, zip.rb, zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb,
ziptest.rb: Fixed ZipEntry::parent_as_string. Implemented
ZipFsDir.chdir, pwd and entries including test
2003-08-19 15:44 thomas
* zip.rb, zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
ZipFsDir.delete (and aliases rmdir and unlink)
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Another dummy
implementation and commented out a test for select() which can be
added later
2003-08-18 20:40 thomas
* ziptest.rb: Honoured 1.8.0 Object.to_a deprecation warning
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb, samples/example.rb, samples/zipfind.rb:
Converted a few more names to ruby underscore style that I missed
with the automated processing the first time around
* zip.rb, zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb, ziptest.rb:
Implemented Zip::ZipFile.get_output_stream
2003-08-17 18:28 thomas
* README, install.rb, stdrubyext.rb, zipfilesystem.rb,
zipfilesystemtest.rb: Updated README with Documentation section.
Updated install.rb. Fixed three tests that failed on 1.8.0.
2003-08-14 05:40 thomas
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Added empty
implementations of atime and ctime
2003-08-13 17:08 thomas
* simpledist.rb: Moved simpledist to a separate repository called
* NEWS: [no log message]
* stdrubyext.rb, zip.rb, zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb,
ziprequire.rb, ziprequiretest.rb, ziptest.rb, samples/example.rb,
samples/gtkRubyzip.rb, samples/zipfind.rb: Changed all method
names to the ruby convention underscore style
* alltests.rb, zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
a lot more of the stat methods. Mostly with dummy implementations
that return values that indicate that these features aren't
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented more methods
and tests in zipfilesystem. Mostly empty methods as permissions
and file types other than files and directories are not supported
* install.rb, stdrubyext.rb, zip.rb, zipfilesystem.rb,
zipfilesystemtest.rb: Addd file stdrubyext.rb and moved the
modifications to std ruby classes to it. Refactored the ZipFsStat
tests and ZipFsStat. Added Module.forwardMessages and used it to
implement the forwarding of calls in ZipFsStat
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Added
Zip::ZipFsFile::ZipFsStat and started implementing it and its
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb, ziptest.rb: Updated and
added missing copyright notices
* zip.rb, zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: zipfilesystem.rb
is becoming big and not everyone will want to use that code.
Therefore zip.rb no longer requires it. Instead you must require
zipfilesystem.rb itself if you want to use it
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented dummy
permission test methods
* TODO, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Merged from patch from Kristoffer
Lunden. Fixed more 1.8.0 incompatibilites - tests run on 1.8.0
2003-08-12 19:18 thomas
* zip.rb: Get rid of 1.8.0 warning
* ziptest.rb: ruby 1.8.0 compatibility fix
* NEWS, zip.rb: ruby-zlib 0.6.0 compatibility fix
2002-12-22 20:12 thomas
* zip.rb: [no log message]
2002-09-16 22:11 thomas
* NEWS: [no log message]
2002-09-15 17:16 thomas
* samples/zipfind.rb: [no log message]
* samples/zipfind.rb: [no log message]
2002-09-14 22:59 thomas
* samples/zipfind.rb: Added simple zipfind script
2002-09-13 23:53 thomas
* TODO: Added TODO about openmode for zip entries binary/ascii
* NEWS: ziptest now runs without errors with ruby-1.7.2-4 (Andy's
latest build)
* zip.rb, ziprequiretest.rb, ziptest.rb: ziptest now runs without
errors with ruby-1.7.2-4 (Andy's latest build)
2002-09-12 00:20 thomas
* zipfilesystemtest.rb: Improved ZipFsFile.delete/unlink test
* test/.cvsignore: [no log message]
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
2002-09-11 22:22 thomas
* alltests.rb: [no log message]
* NEWS, zip.rb, zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Fixed
AbstractInputStream.each_line ignored its aSeparator argument.
Implemented more ZipFsFile methods
* zip.rb, zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: ZipFileSystem is
now a module instead of a class, and is mixed into ZipFile,
instead of being made available as a property fileSystem
2002-09-10 23:45 thomas
* NEWS: Updated NEWS file
* zip.rb: [no log message]
* NEWS, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Fix bug: rewind should reset lineno.
Fix bug: uses separate buffer from produceInput
(feeding gets/readline etc)
2002-09-09 23:48 thomas
* .cvsignore: [no log message]
2002-09-09 22:55 uid26649
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Implemented ZipInputStream.rewind and
AbstractInputStream.lineno. Tests for both
2002-09-09 20:31 thomas
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: ZipInputStream and ZipOutstream (thru their
AbstractInputStream and AbstractOutputStream now lie about being
2002-09-08 16:38 thomas
* zipfilesystemtest.rb: [no log message]
* filearchive.rb, filearchivetest.rb, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Moved
String additions from filearchive.rb to zip.rb (and moved tests
along too to ziptest.rb). Added ZipEntry.parentAsString and
* ziptest.rb: Implemented ZipEntrySetTest.testDup and testCompound
* TODO, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Replaced Array with EntrySet for
keeping entries in a zip file. Tagged repository before this
commit, so this change can be rolled back, if it stinks
2002-09-07 20:21 thomas
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Implemented ZipEntry.<=>
* ziptest.rb: Removed unused code
2002-08-11 15:14 thomas
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Made some changes to accomodate ruby 1.7.2
2002-07-27 15:25 thomas
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
ZipFsFile.readlink, wrapped ZipFileSystem class in Zip module
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented test for
2002-07-26 23:56 thomas
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
ZipFsFile.size? (slightly different from size)
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implemented
* alltests.rb, zip.rb, zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb:
Implemented ZipFsFile.mtime
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: Implement ZipFsFile.file?
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Implemented ZipEntry.file?
* alltests.rb, filearchive.rb, filearchivetest.rb, zip.rb,
zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb, ziprequire.rb,
ziptest.rb: Implemented ZipFileSystem::ZipFsFile.size
* zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb: [no log message]
* test/ Changed so all the entries
in it have unix file endings
* alltests.rb, zip.rb, zipfilesystem.rb, zipfilesystemtest.rb:
Started implementing ZipFileSystem
* test/ Added a zip file for testing with a
directory structure
2002-07-22 21:40 thomas
* TODO: [no log message]
* TODO: [no log message]
2002-07-21 18:20 thomas
* NEWS: [no log message]
* TODO: Updated TODO with a refactoring idea for FileArchive
* filearchive.rb, filearchivetest.rb: Added some FileArchiveAdd
tests and cleaned up some of the FileArchive tests. extract and
add now have individual test fixtures.
* filearchive.rb, filearchivetest.rb: Added tests for extract
called with regex src arg and Enumerable src arg
* filearchivetest.rb: Added test for continueOnExistsProc when
extracting from a file archive
2002-07-20 17:13 thomas
* TODO, filearchivetest.rb, fileutils.rb, ziptest.rb,
test/.cvsignore: Added (failing) tests for FileArchive.add, added
code for creating test files for FileArchive.add tests. Added
fileutils.rb, which is borrowed from ruby 1.7.2
* filearchive.rb, filearchivetest.rb: [no log message]
* filearchivetest.rb: Added tests for String extensions
* alltests.rb, ziprequiretest.rb, ziptest.rb: [no log message]
* install.rb: [no log message]
* TODO: Updated TODO
* filearchive.rb, filearchivetest.rb: All FileArchive.extract tests
2002-07-19 23:11 thomas
* filearchive.rb, filearchivetest.rb: [no log message]
* filearchivetest.rb: [no log message]
* filearchive.rb, filearchivetest.rb: [no log message]
* filearchive.rb, filearchivetest.rb, zip.rb: [no log message]
2002-07-08 13:41 thomas
* TODO: [no log message]
2002-06-11 19:47 thomas
* filearchive.rb, filearchivetest.rb, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: [no log
2002-05-25 00:41 thomas
* simpledist.rb: Added hackish script for creating dist files
2002-04-30 21:22 thomas
* TODO: [no log message]
* filearchive.rb, filearchivetest.rb: [no log message]
* filearchive.rb, filearchivetest.rb: Improved testing and wrote
some of the skeleton of extract. Still to do: Fix glob, so it
returns a hashmap instead of a list. The map will need to map the
full entry name to the last part of the name (which is only
really interesting for recursively extracted entries, otherwise
it is just the name). Glob.expandPathList should also output
directories with a trailing slash, which is doesn't right now.
* filearchive.rb, filearchivetest.rb: Implemented the first few
tests for FileArchive
2002-04-24 22:06 thomas
* ziprequire.rb, ziprequiretest.rb: Appended copyright message to
ziprequire.rb and ziprequiretest.rb
* zip.rb: Made ZipEntry tolerate invalid dates
2002-04-21 00:57 thomas
* NEWS, TODO, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Read and write entry modification
date/time correctly
2002-04-20 02:44 thomas
* ziprequiretest.rb, test/ improved ZipRequireTest
* ziprequire.rb: Made a warning go away
* ziprequire.rb, ziprequiretest.rb, test/notzippedruby.rb,
test/ Fixed a bug in ziprequire. Added
ziprequiretest.rb and test data files
2002-04-19 22:43 thomas
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Added recursion support to Glob module
2002-04-18 21:37 thomas
* NEWS, TODO, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Added Glob module and GlobTest
unit test suite. This module provides the functionality to expand
a 'glob pattern' given a list of files - Next step is to use this
module in ZipFile
2002-04-01 22:55 thomas
* NEWS: [no log message]
* TODO, zip.rb, ziprequire.rb: Added ziprequire.rb which contains a
proof-of-concept implementation of a require implementation that
can load ruby modules from a zip file. Needs unit tests and
2002-03-31 01:13 thomas
* README: [no log message]
2002-03-30 16:14 thomas
* TODO: [no log message]
* .cvsignore, README, zip.rb: Added rdoc markup (only #:nodoc:all
modifiers) to zip.rb. Made README 'RDoc compliant'
2002-03-29 23:29 thomas
* TODO: [no log message]
* example.rb, samples/.cvsignore, samples/example.rb,
samples/gtkRubyzip.rb: Moved example.rb to samples/. Added
another sample gtkRubyzip.rb
* NEWS, TODO, TODO: [no log message]
* .cvsignore, file1.txt, file1.txt.deflatedData, testDirectory.bin,
ziptest.rb, test/.cvsignore, test/file1.txt,
test/file1.txt.deflatedData, test/file2.txt,
test/testDirectory.bin: Added test/ directory and moved the
manually created test data files into it. Changed ziptest.rb so
it runs in test/ directory
* TODO: [no log message]
* NEWS, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Don't decompress and recompress zip
entries when changing zip file
* zip.rb: Performance optimization: Only write new ZipFile, if it
has been changed. The test suite runs in half the time now.
2002-03-28 22:12 thomas
* TODO: [no log message]
2002-03-23 17:31 thomas
* TODO: [no log message]
2002-03-22 22:47 thomas
* NEWS: [no log message]
* NEWS, TODO: [no log message]
* ziptest.rb: Found the tests that didn't use blocks to make sure
input streams are closed as soon as they arent used anymore and
got rid of the GC.start
* ziptest.rb: All tests run on windows ruby 1.6.6
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Windows fixes: Fixed ZipFile.initialize which
needed to open zipfile file in binary mode. Added another
workaround for the return value from where name
is the name of a directory - ruby returns different exceptions in
linux, win/cygwin and windows. A number of tests failed because
in windows you cant delete a file that is open. Fixed by changing
ziptest.rb to use ZipInputStream.getInputStream with blocks a few
places. There is a hack in CommanZipFileFixture.setup where the
GC is explicitly invoked. Should be fixed with blocks instead.
The only currently failing test fails because the test data
creation fails to add a comment to, because echo eats
the remainder of the line including the pipe character and the
following zip -z 4 command
2002-03-21 22:18 thomas
* NEWS: [no log message]
* NEWS, README, TODO, install.rb: Added install.rb
* ziptest.rb: [no log message]
* NEWS, TODO: [no log message]
* .cvsignore, TODO, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Added
test_extractDirectoryExistsAsFileOverwrite and fixed to pass
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Extraction of directory entries is now
2002-03-20 21:59 thomas
* NEWS: [no log message]
* COPYING, README, README.txt: Removed COPYING, renamed README.txt
* example.rb: Fixed example.rb added example that shows zip file
manipulation with Zip::ZipFile
* .cvsignore: [no log message]
* TODO, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Directories can now be added (not
recursively, the directory entry itself. Directories are
recognized by a empty entries with a trailing /. The purpose of
storing them explicitly in the zip file is to be able to store
permission and ownership information
* TODO, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: zip.rb depended on ftools but it was
only included in ziptest.rb
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: ZipError is now a subclass of StandardError
instead of RuntimeError. ZipError now has several subclasses.
2002-03-19 22:26 thomas
* TODO: [no log message]
* TODO, ziptest.rb: Unit test ZipFile.getInputStream with block
* TODO, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Unit test for adding new entry with
name that already exists in archive, and fixed to pass test
* TODO, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Added unit tests for rename to existing
* TODO: [no log message]
* TODO, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Unit test calling ZipFile.extract with
2002-03-18 21:06 thomas
* TODO: [no log message]
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: ZipFile#commit now reinitializes ZipFile.
* TODO, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Refactoring:
Collapsed ZipEntry and ZipStreamableZipEntry into ZipEntry.
Collapsed BasicZipFile and ZipFile into ZipFile.
* zip.rb: Removed method that was never called
2002-03-17 22:33 thomas
* TODO: [no log message]
* ziptest.rb: Run tests with =true as default
* NEWS, TODO, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Now runs with -w switch without
* .cvsignore: [no log message]
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Down to one failing test
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: [no log message]
* TODO, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: [no log message]
2002-02-25 19:42 thomas
* TODO: Added more todos
2002-02-23 15:51 thomas
* zip.rb: [no log message]
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: [no log message]
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: [no log message]
2002-02-03 18:47 thomas
* ziptest.rb: [no log message]
2002-02-02 15:58 thomas
* example.rb, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: [no log message]
* .cvsignore: [no log message]
* example.rb, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Renamed SimpleZipFile to
* TODO: [no log message]
* ziptest.rb: More test cases - all of them failing, so now there
are 18 failing test cases. Three more test cases to implement,
then it is time for the production code
2002-02-01 21:49 thomas
* ziptest.rb: [no log message]
* ziptest.rb: Also run SimpleZipFile tests for ZipFile.
* example.rb, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: ZipFile renamed to SimpleZipFile.
The new ZipFile will have many more methods that are useful for
managing archives.
2002-01-29 20:30 thomas
* TODO: [no log message]
2002-01-26 00:18 thomas
* NEWS: [no log message]
* ziptest.rb: In unit test: work around ruby/cygwin weirdness. You
get an Errno::EEXISTS instead of an Errno::EISDIR if you try to
open a file for writing that is a directory.
* ziptest.rb: Fixed test that failed on windows because of CRLF
line ending
2002-01-25 23:58 thomas
* ziptest.rb: [no log message]
* .cvsignore, example.rb, zip.rb: Fixed bug reading from empty
deflated entry in zip file
* .cvsignore: [no log message]
* ziptest.rb: [no log message]
* NEWS, README.txt, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Zip write support is now
fully functional in the form of ZipOutputStream.
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: [no log message]
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: [no log message]
2002-01-20 16:00 thomas
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Added Deflater and DeflaterTest.
* .cvsignore: [no log message]
* .cvsignore: Added .cvsignore file
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: Added ZipEntry.writeCDirEntry and misc minor
2002-01-19 23:28 thomas
* example.rb, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: NOTICE: Not all tests run!!
ZipOutputStream in progress
Wrapped rubyzip in namespace module Zip.
2002-01-17 18:52 thomas
* ziptest.rb: Fail nicely if the user doesn't have info-zip
compatible zip in the path
2002-01-10 18:02 thomas
* zip.rb: Adjusted chunk size to 32k after a few perf measurements
2002-01-09 22:10 thomas
* README.txt: License now same as rubys, not just GPL
2002-01-06 00:19 thomas
* README.txt: [no log message]
2002-01-05 23:09 thomas
* NEWS, README.txt, NEWS: Updated NEWS file
* README.txt, zip.rb, ziptest.rb, zlib.c.diff: Added tests for
decompressors and a tests for ZipLocalEntry,
ZipCentralDirectoryEntry and ZipCentralDirectory for handling of
corrupt data
* file1.txt.deflatedData: deflated data extracted from a zip file.
contains file1.txt
* zip.rb: Changed references to Inflate to Zlib::inflate for
compatibility with ruby-zlib-0.5
* README.txt, zip.rb, ziptest.rb: [no log message]
* example.rb, NEWS: [no log message]
* COPYING, README.txt: [no log message]
* ziptest.rb: Fixed problem with test file creation
* README.txt: Updated README.txt
* zip.rb, ziptest.rb: ZipFile now works
2002-01-04 21:51 thomas
* testDirectory.bin, zip.rb, ziptest.rb:
ZipCentralDirectoryEntryTest now runs
* ziptest.rb: Changed
so it works on both unix too. It only worked on windows because
the test made assumptions about the compressed size and crc of an
entry, but that differs depending on the OS because of the CRLF
* README.txt: Added note about zlib.c patch
2002-01-02 18:48 thomas
* README.txt, example.rb, file1.txt, zip.rb, ziptest.rb,
zlib.c.diff: initial
* README.txt, example.rb, file1.txt, zip.rb, ziptest.rb,
zlib.c.diff: Initial revision