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Welcome to the acpi-eeepc-generic wiki!

New model

If you want support for a new model, please read How to add support for a new model

Getting latest development branch

  1. On the homepage put mouse over “Switch Branch” near the top left corner.
  2. Get name of latest branch. For example, “1.0” is the name of the 1.0 branch…
  3. Now that you have found the branch you want, get the code:
    git clone git://github.com/nbigaouette/acpi-eeepc-generic.git
    cd acpi-eeepc-generic
    git branch --track 1.0 origin/1.0
    git checkout 1.0

    You should now be on branch 1.0. You can verify with:
    git branch -a

    A start “*” should appear on the left of the branch “1.0”.

For ArchLinux user, once the code is obtained, building the package is simple:

pacman -U acpi-eeepc-generic*.pkg.tar.*z

Updating an already cloned repo

If you already cloned the repo, update everything using git pull:

git pull --all