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Wireless toggle problem


If the wireless does not come back on after a Fn+F2 toggle, read on.


The BIOS may or may not control the wireless toggling via Fn+F2. If it does not, then acpi-eeepc-generic need to detect the Fn+F2 action and do something, for example call /etc/acpi/eeepc/acpi-eeepc-generic-toggle-wifi.sh. But if it does, then both the BIOS and acpi-eeepc-generic will try to disable the card at the same time. This will prevent the card from being re-enabled later on and only a reboot can fix this.


If you face that problem, try an empty COMMANDS_WIFI_TOGGLE in /etc/conf.d/acpi-eeepc-generic.conf:

Temporary Fix

A user reported that the following could reset the card without having to reboot:

$ sudo rfkill unblock all
$ sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

Another user reported about adding a hook to COMMANDS_WIFI_POST_UP:
COMMANDS_WIFI_POST_UP=("rfkill unnblock wifi")

HOWEVER, using this POST_UP command prevents the WiFi button from working. The WiFI
button is forever tries to turn WiFI on when POST_UP command is defined in that way...

Affected Models

Initially on my 1000, the BIOS did not controled the card so I needed to call the script. But since revision 1003, the BIOS does control the wifi card. So be careful with BIOS upgrades.

Here is a list a affected models: