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Gentoo ebuilds package files, updated from the science overlay (;a=summary)
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app-admin Bumped to 0.1.1
dev-cpp/sparsehash Bumped dev-cpp/sparsehash to 2.0.2
dev-lang/julia Prior commit failed to compile successfully, this is fixing the issue…
dev-python Ebuild checksum.
dev-ruby/grb Added manifest files
dev-util dev-util/bugseverywhere must depend on dev-python/pyyaml
dev-vcs/git Added missing files.
eclass Fix missing mpi.eclass.
gnome-extra/gsmartcontrol Added gnome-extra/gsmartcontrol 0.8.5 from Sunrise overlay http://ove…
profiles Added missing repo_name, as requested in…
sci-libs/netcdf Deleted netcdf 4.1.3 as a working version should be in portage.
sci-physics/octopus Added manifest files
sys-apps Bumped pacman to 4.0.3
sys-block sys-block/megacli: Add symbolic link to /usr/bin
sys-cluster sys-cluster/slurm: Updated ebuilds checksums.
www-apps/dokuwiki Bumped www-apps/dokuwiki to 20121013
www-client/firefox-bin Bumped firefox-bin to 7.0.1
x11-drivers/xf86-input-wacom Deleted nvidia-drivers/nvidia-drivers-302.06.03
x11-misc/dzen Added dzen ebuild built from svn. Copied from eatnumber1's overlay (c…
x11-themes/oxygen-gtk3 Forgot manifest
.gitignore Added manifest files
README Removed quotes, was giving parsing problem.
overlay.xml Change contact email to gmail non-alias original one.


These are ebuilds used on a cluster. They are mainly updated
versions from the Gentoo Science Overlay
but they could be written from scratch.

To add the repo to layman's database, to the following:

1. Add
to the "overlays" section of /etc/layman/layman.cfg.

2. Fetch the remote list of database using "layman -f"

3. Add the repo to layman using "layman -a nbigaouette"
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