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Tricubic interpolation from François Lekien
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This repository contains a mirror of the version 1.0 of the libtricubic library, developed by François Lekien in 2004.

The following paper explaining the method was published in 2005:

Lekien, F., & Marsden, J. (2005). Tricubic interpolation in three dimensions. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 63(3), 455–471. doi:10.1002/nme.1296

Some additional notes and the full matrix can be found in the technical notes:

Lekien, F., Coulliette, C., & Marsden, J. (2004). _Tricubic Engine - Technical Notes and Full Matrix.

The main article refers to the author's website ( to download the code and documentation. Unfortunately, this website no longer exists. Even the snapshot is useless; A single snapshot from December 3rd 2009 is available which seems like an FTP listing. No files are accessible.

The listing shows:

Modified Size Name

5/13/2007 6:35 Parent Folder

4/23/2004 4:18 doc

1/20/2004 7:30 source

1/20/2004 7:36 private

1/21/2004 5:51 binaries

The doc folder listing shows:

Modified Size Name

1/20/2004 7:36 Parent Folder

1/20/2004 7:33 4,445 libtricubic_man.html

1/20/2004 7:33 2,898 libtricubic.3

1/20/2004 8:09 149,663

1/20/2004 8:09 156,181 tric.pdf

4/23/2004 4:16 12,548 coeff.h

4/23/2004 4:18 12,548 coeff.h.txt

The only place where the code could be found was on the fix-phonon project Google code page. The author has archived the tarball. This tarball is extracted and archived in this repo too.

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