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LinuxFest Northwest 2018


  • 2018-04-29 09:30-10:15 PST
  • Bellingham Technical College CC-115


  • Oh no, I displayed the wrong Twitter handle during the talk.

Lessons Learned

  • Stop saying "um".
  • Slides, for the video watchers
  • Repeat audience questions, for the video watchers
  • Louder
  • Leave more for Q&A (33%?)


  • Sam Harris Lying ISBN-10: 1940051002 -- Harris claims that being honest all of the time is a practical and wise policy. Please note that Harris' thesis here does not depend on any of his other unpopular opinions.
  • Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin Expecting Professionalism -- Martin makes his arguments about the growth of the number of developers.
  • Stack Overflow Developer Survey -- You can go back a few years. These numbers are consistent with Martin's, but do not prove them: it is a self-selected population.
  • McHugh, Lake Understanding Clinical Expertise: Nurse Education, Experience, and the Hospital Context -- Nurses' mean years of experience. + MSN: 18.9 + Diploma nurses: 17.7 + BSN: 10.9 + ADN-prepared: 9.5
  • Atul Gawande The Checklist Manifesto ISBN-10: 0312430000 -- Gawande, a surgeon, argues that even the most skilled professionals can make good use of checklists.
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