A simple url matching utility for micro.
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micro match

A simple url matching utility for micro.


To install micro match, simply run the following command in your terminal of choice.

npm install -g micro-match

Once you have installed micro match, simply include it in your project like so...

const match = require('micro-match');


micro match exposes a single method which allows you to match a route binding to it's real world counterpart and return it's bindings.

const {id} = match('/users/:id', '/users/1');

Parameters are defined as a comma followed by an alias to bind it's value to.

You can also create optional parameters by attaching a ? suffix. This will allow both /users and /users/1 to be matched.

Now you will be able to access the id parameter with the value of 1 and handle it however ever you like.


Details for each release are documented in the release notes.


This utility is licensed under MIT, see LICENSE.md for details.