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Instructions: Hosting your tv-info react app on github

Here are instructions for hosting your tv-info React app on github.

Why would you want to do this?

  • Potential employers can see an example of your code
  • You have a more permanent backup of your code
  • You get practice using github
  • You can ask for code reviews

When you started with create-react-app, that command also made a git repository locally for your project. We will:

  • ensure your work is committed to that local repo,
  • create an empty repo on github to act as a "remote" for the local one,
  • push the changes from the local repo to the github "remote"


  • Open a terminal
  • cd into the correct directory for your react tv-info project
  • Add and commit all changes to git, locally, using git add and git commit
  • Open in a browser (ensure you are logged in)
  • In the top-right click the plus (+) sign
  • Choose "new repository"
  • Add a suitable name for the repository. e.g. tv-info-react or game-of-thrones-react
  • Don't change anything else
  • Click create repository at the bottom of the form
  • Find the section entitled "...or push an existing repository from the command line"
  • Copy the FULL git remote add origin command from that section
  • Paste it into terminal, and ensure it runs with no errors
  • Run the second command: git push -u origin master
  • Reload your github page and explore to ensure your most recent code is there.

Optional 1: link to your deployed project from your new github repo.

It is a good idea to link from your github repo to your deployed react app.

  • Click on "No description, website, or topics provided."
  • When the form expands, edit the "website" field to have a link to your deployed project on netlify (e.g.

Optional 2: link to your source on github from the footer of your react app

  • In your React app, add or edit the app's Footer component to include a link back to your new github repo so that people can look at your source code.
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