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This JQuery plugin lets you map a CouchDb view to a html grid. That’s it. I looked at the other JQuery grid plug-ins – many of which a really great – But I couldn’t get them working and since I’m lazy I wrote this specialized plug-in.

So here are its features:

  • It’s HTML agnostic. Y ou can use tables or divs or any HTML to layout your data.
  • You can view JSON data from any source – such as CouchDB.
  • You get column sorting.
  • You get paging paging
  • It’s compatible with JEditable. So you can edit your data.
  • Really small – Currently under 3K.
  • Coded in a clean fashion so you can subclass header/body or footer generation and the loading and saving of data.
For much more information see or view the sample index.html page in the project.