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Blueprint CSS Framework Change Log
Version 0.9 - Date May 29, 2009
New features:
* Changed all conditional comments to [if lt IE 8] for IE 8 compatibility [CMM]
* Updated forms code to align inline form elements, with additions for IE 6 [CMM]
* Use <form class="inline"> for inline forms
* Use classes "text", "button", "radio" and "checkbox" on inputs for IE 6 compatibility
Version 0.8 - Date November 11, 2008
New features:
* Much of the flexibility of 0.6 has been pushed back into the core [CMM]
* Plugins from 0.6 are now back in the core [CMM]
Bug fixes:
* Lots. See
Version 0.7.1 - Date February 21, 2008
New features:
* Rubydoc for compressor [JC]
Bug fixes:
* Fixed bug in the compressor related to Rubygems. [JC]
* <tt> should be inline, not block. [OFB]
Version 0.7 - February 19, 2008
New features:
* New directory structure. [OFB]
* New compressor script. [JC]
* Ability to set custom namespace for BP classes. [JC]
* Optional custom column count and widths. [JC]
* Ability to add your own CSS files. [JC]
* Custom output paths. [JC]
* Support for multiple projects. [JC]
* Semantic class naming from CSS rules. [JC]
* Automatic compression for plugins. [JC]
* Compressed version of ie.css. [OFB]
* Alternating table row colors. [OFB]
* Added class .showgrid to see the grid of any column or container. [OFB]
* No need for .column! You now have to use divs for columns,
but you can still use span/prepend/append for other elements as well.
In other words, div.span-x now implies that the element is a .column. [OFB]
Bug fixes:
* Sidebar alignment in tests/sample.html. [OFB]
* Line-height on sub/sup. [OFB]
* Clearfix not properly applied to container. [OFB]
* Misc validation errors in tests. [OFB]
* Proper margin on address. [OFB]
* Unwanted bottom margin on nested lists. [OFB]
* Form labels with unwanted fancy-type indentation. [OFB]
* Proper margin on all form elements. [OFB]
* No margins for images in headings. [OFB]
* Push-x bottom margin. [OFB]
* Vertical align set to middle on tables. [OFB]
* Improved .notice, .error and .success color contrast. [OFB]
* Size of input[text]. [OFB]
* Baseline alignment of <h4>. [OFB]
* Improved structure in print.css. [OFB]
* Dual-licensed under MIT and GPL licenses. [OFB]
* Changed name of .clear to .clearfix, and added .clear (clear:both;). [OFB]
Version 0.6 - September 21, 2007
* Created a new plugin, "iepngfix", that adds support for PNG transparency in IE5.5+ [OFB]
* Added an IE stylesheet, updated the test files and the readme accordingly [OFB]
* Re-added improved support for em units [OFB]
* Lots of minor changes to typography.css and reset.css, provided by Christian Montoya [OFB]
* Extracted the fancy typography section in typography.css to a new plugin [OFB]
* Extracted the support for CSS buttons into a new plugin. [OFB]
* Added new plugin structure. [OFB]
* Changed some default fonts so that BP works better with ClearType in XP [OFB]
* Re-added the hack for clearing floats without extra markup. [OFB]
* Added Changelog.txt to track changes in each release. [GR]
* Cleaned up and rationalized SVN dir structure. [GR, OFB]
* print.css : removed reference to 'baseline.png' as it no longer exists. [GR]
* grid.css : removed reference to '.first' css class as it no longer exists. [GR]
* Added append-13 to append-23 and prepend-13 to prepend-23 to allow pushing elements
to both extreme sides of the grid. Added test cases to tests/grid.css [GR]
* Moved test sample files to blueprint/tests sub-directory so tests stay with the code. [GR]
* Consolidated all references to release version number to screen.css [OFB]
* Added ruby script (generate_compressed_css.rb) to scripts dir, and 'csstidy' binary (OS X Universal)
for generating tidied version of Blueprint (lib/compressed.css).
* Consolidated test pages into one single page (test.html). Uses compressed stylesheet by default. This ensures test of
the chain of generation. (todo) Intention is to delete other test files if single file works well. (todo) ensure singular
test file contains latest changes to other test files. [GR]
* Moved the blueprint framework to its own folder in the package, so that the tests, script,
license and readme don't clutter up our BP folder. [OFB]
* Re-saved grid.png with Photoshop to remove Fireworks data which was bloating it.
Now its about 3KB instead of 40+KB. Resolves Issue 22. [GR]
* Moved compressed files to new compressed dir [OFB]
* print.css is now also being generated by the compressor ruby script and is available for use.
* Added new script 'validate_css.rb' which will validate all css files and present a report with
a local java binary of the W3C validator.
* Created an experimental CSS classes plugin, by popular demand. [OFB]
* Improved handling of multi-line headings. [OFB]
* Improved styling of <table>s, you may now use .span classes on <th>s to create tables that follow the grid. [OFB]
* Added support for indented paragraphs to the Fancy-type plugin. [OFB]
* Added a new plugin: link-icons. [OFB]
* Seperated the plugins tests into their own file. [OFB]
* Re-structured some of the tests.html sections. [OFB]
* Added class ".colborder" to grid.css. [OFB]
* Added .error, .notice and .success classes to typography.css. [OFB]
* Added tests for more elements which gets reset in reset.css [OFB, GR]
* Added forms.css, awaiting implementation. Moved form styling from typography.css [OFB]
* Updated compressor script to include forms.css [OFB]
* Improved forms.html tests for upcoming forms.css implementation. This will change based on the
markup that forms.css will use. [OFB]
* Fixed clearing image in button element bug in buttons.css [OFB]
* Fixed bug where IE6 clips pushed/pulled elements. [OFB]
* Fixed typo in grid.css formula. [OFB]
* Fixed varying formatting across core files. [OFB]
* Fixed legend element in IE6. [OFB]
* Fixed indentation in test files. [OFB]
* Removed tests for plugins not bundled with the next release. [OFB]
* Improved styling of <h3>. [OFB]
* Fixed indentation bug in ul/ol, removed some redundant styling. [OFB]
* Fixed validation errors in tests. [OFB]
* Changed IE stylesheet condition comment to include all versions of IE. [OFB]
* Started on a new approach for the PNG plugin. Will not be included in this release. [OFB]
* Fixed incorrect rendering of ol in IE6/7. [OFB]
* Created a new, spiffier sample page. [OFB]
Version 0.5 - August 28, 2007
* Changed grid width from 14 to 24 columns [OFB]
* Removed 'first' CSS class and the need to apply it to the first column in a row of columns. [OFB]
* Reverted to using pixels instead of em units to specify vertical spacing due to baseline issues with
all browsers except Firefox. [OFB]
* New set of default fonts. (Experimental) [OFB]
* Added test files [OFB]
Version 0.4 - August 11, 2007
* All font sizes and vertical margins are now elastic, through the use of em units.
Resizing works great in every tested browser. [OFB]
* Comes with a new, compressed version of BP, which reduces the size of the core files by 60 percent. [OFB]
* Support for incremental leading, contributed by Mark Boulton. [OFB]
* Adds perfected CSS buttons, by Kevin Hale of Particletree fame. [OFB]
* Fixes all known IE bugs. [OFB]
* Loads of minor fixes and additions. [OFB]
Version 0.3 - March 8, 2007
* Initial release of Blueprint (versions 0.1 and 0.2 were internal only).