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Booth. CouchDB, swimming a Ruby soup.

The Test Suite

Booth is an attempt to get the CouchDB Test Suite to pass against an alternate implementation.

This should hella easy because the CouchDB Test Suite just runs in the browser.


We think the CouchDB runtime can be implemented with varying levels of support.

Level 1 would be a basic key value REST API. This is shared in common with a set of existing tools.

Level 2 includes Map Reduce views.

Level 3 is support for replication with CouchDB instances.

Level 4 is support for CouchDB's JavaScript server runtime environment and APIs.


Booth is an implementation of CouchDB in Ruby. It's meant as an illustration of CouchDB as a protocol.

Q: CouchDB uses a robust append only B-Tree implementation for storage, what does Booth use for persistence? A: Nothing. Booth stores data in Ruby hashes and arrays.

Q: Does it scale? A: Who the fuck cares?

Q: How can I help? A: Start shouting about Booth on Twitter and I'll probably notice.

Q: Why "Booth"? A: It's named after Special Agent Seeley Booth from Bones.

Get Started

Booth is just a Sinatra server, so to start it, run:

ruby lib/booth.rb

and then visit:


and run the tests.


Fork. Pick a test, get to green. If you know CouchDB a little, you should be able to tell from it which tests will be easy to fix based on the ones that run.

Some tests require commenting out -- there are certain features (for instance: keeping old revs around) that Booth doesn't bother with, as it is an in-memory store.

Also -- incremental improvements help a lot. Even getting one more assertion to pass is a patch I'll merge.

High-level status

The Tree class is getting most of the needed features, but could be self-balancing. Also it still needs analysis about which are public and private methods.

Database and Document are mostly right, but some thought needs to go into a JSON abstraction layer for documents.

The Sinatra parts are pretty self explanatory.

Temp views barely work. They are recalculated at run-time for every query, and don't have start and end keys yet. However, the do use the couchjs/main.js CouchDB JavaScript process, so once they are hooked to proper Trees they should be mostly real.

I'm really trying hard not too get to Ruby-ish with the coding style, so please hold back on "I refactored and everything's a module..." refactors. The purpose of this CouchDB implementation isn't to be perfect, but to be an easy reference for people considering porting CouchDB to other languages.