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== 0.33
* Major enhancements
* Added a new Rack logger middleware letting you log/save requests/queries (Matt Aimonetti)
* Minor enhancements
* Added #amount_pages to a paginated result array (Matt Aimonetti)
* Ruby 1.9.2 compatible (Matt Aimonetti)
* Added a property? method for property cast as :boolean (John Wood)
* Added an option to force the deletion of a attachments (bypass 409s) (Matt Aimonetti)
* Created a new abstraction layer for the REST API (Matt Aimonetti)
* Bug fix: made ExtendedDocument#all compatible with Couch 0.10 (tc)
== 0.32
* Major enhancements
* ExtendedDocument.get doesn't raise an exception anymore. If no documents are found nil is returned.
* ExtendedDocument.get! works the say #get used to work and will raise an exception if a document isn't found.
* Minor enhancements
* Bug fix: Model.all(:keys => [1,2]) was not working (Matt Aimonetti)
* Added ValidationErrors#count in order to play nicely with Rails (Peter Wagenet)
* Bug fix: class proxy design doc refresh (Daniel Kirsh)
* Bug fix: the count method on the proxy collection was missing (Daniel Kirsch)
* Added #amount_pages to a paginated collection. (Matt Aimonetti)
== 0.31
* Major enhancements
* Created an abstraction HTTP layer to support different http adapters (Matt Aimonetti)
* Added ExtendedDocument.create({}) and #create!({}) so you don't have to do (Matt Aimonetti)
* Minor enhancements
* Added an init.rb file for easy usage as a Rails plugin (Aaron Quint)
* Bug fix: pagination shouldn't die on empty results (Arnaud Berthomier)
* Optimized ExtendedDocument.count to run about 3x faster (Matt Aimonetti)
* Added Float casting (Ryan Felton & Matt Aimonetti)
== 0.30
* Major enhancements
* Added support for pagination (John Wood)
* Improved performance when initializing documents with timestamps (Matt Aimonetti)
* Minor enhancements
* Extended the API to retrieve an attachment URI (Matt Aimonetti)
* Bug fix: default value should be able to be set as false (Alexander Uvarov)
* Bug fix: validates_is_numeric should be able to properly validate a Float instance (Rob Kaufman)
* Bug fix: fixed the Timeout implementation (Seth Falcon)
Unfortunately, before 0.30 we did not keep a track of the modifications made to CouchRest.
You can see the full commit history on GitHub: