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jcouchdb JSON library change log:
Changes from 0.10.0-2 to 0.10.0-3:
* Fix encoding inconsistencies
* Use DocumentHelper for bulkDeleteDocuments, change signature to List<? extends Object>
* Properly escape spaces and other characters in URLs.
Changes from 0.10.0-1 to 0.10.0-2:
* added support for _uuids and replication
* support use cases with app global JSON config. See Hood Beta 2 for details.
* Fixed serious bug regarding JSONParser runs influencing each others JSON config in some situations.
Changes from 0.9.1-2 to 0.10.0-1:
* compatibility with couchdb 0.10.0: attachment revpos, new list function format
* add ResourceSync to sync folders on disk with document attachments, MediaTypeUtil to determine media type by name.
* add Database.setJsonGenerator(JSON) to suport configuration of JSON output
* minor bugfixes
Changes from 0.9.1-1 to 0.9.1-2:
* Added JarBasedCouchDBUpdater that can update views from a directory or jar in the classpath
* support for _show and _list
* support for _stats
* now uses slf4j as logging API
* switched to httpcomments http-client 4.0 from the old commons-httpclient-3.x
* now available via Maven
* bugfix: added DocumentValidationException to access reason of validation errors.
* bugfix: don't escape startkey_docid, endkey_docid anymore
* support for all_or_nothing bulk creation, support for bulk delete. Thanks to Daniel Trümper for submitting the patches
Changes from 0.9.0-1 to 0.9.0-2:
* Streaming attachment handling
* uses svenson 1.3 for JSON streaming and improved memory footprint
Changes from 0.7.2 to 0.9.0-1:
* Reflects all changes from couchdb 0.8.1 to 0.9.0
* CouchDB dumper and loader classes to dump a database with attachments (both inlined as base64 or as single file) into a zip file and restore it from one
* NoResponseException is now thrown in cases couchdb does not send a HTTP response
* introduced org.jcouchdb.db.DatabaseEventHandler as cross-cutting way to handle document changes
* accept objects as Options keys
* switched to svenson 1.2.8
Changes from 0.7.1 to 0.7.2:
* switched to svenson 1.2.6 which fixes a major bug with trailing commas in the JSON output of pure BaseDocuments
* bugfix: Only update design documents in CouchDB Updater that have actually changed.
Changes from 0.7 to 0.7.1:
* added Database.listDocumentsByUpdateSequence()
* added file based design document updating tool: org.jcouchdb.util.CouchDBUpdater
* added org.jcouchdb.spring.SpringCouchDBUpdater as spring wrapper for org.jcouchdb.util.CouchDBUpdater (spring is not included as dependency!)
* updated to svenson 1.2.4