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  • Integrity tests, make sure bindings don't choke or segfault on really bad data.
  • Possibly implement custom backend support, allowing JS callbacks to provide a custom git backend.
  • Check for memory leaks
  • Cache raw objects properly, so two requests for the same oid don't result in different objects.
  • Maybe add convenience methods to all existing wrapped objects to get the raw object equivalent of them.
  • Error handling in the EIO initialization stuff for objects. Not sure if something can go wrong there, but better safe than sorry.
  • Tests for initializing a new repository, bare or workingdir.
  • Stress test suite.
  • Perf tests.
  • See if we can remove the lock on repository for some serious speed.
  • Make sure all create/get stuff in repo is returning local copies of handles.
  • Update Index to not use getters/setters for index modification. Instead, work with an array like tree entries.