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History of NFL and AFL scores

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Pro Football Scores Repository

Created by Jeff Self

Welcome to my Pro Football Scores repository. I have accumulated scores from the NFL dating back to 1940. I also have scores for the entire history of the AFL. I have added scores for the entire history of the WFL (World Football League).

At this current time, the scores are delimited by spaces. The format is as follows:

date visitor score home score neutral

Here's an example:

12/12/2010 Philadelphia 30 Dallas 27

If the game is played on a neutral site, a N is placed after the home team's score following a couple of spaces.

Here's an example:

02/07/2010 New Orleans 31 Indianapolis 17 N

Update: 12/14/2010 Just noticed that many of the older files for scores had a slightly different format for games. Many of them use a '1' to indicate a game played at the home team's field and a '0' to indicate a game played at a neutral site.

Here's an example:

01/05/1964 Boston 10 San Diego 51 1

01/26/1986 Chicago 46 New England 10 0

Also have noticed that many of the files are using tabs to separate the teams and scores. Will correct that as time permits.

Update: 12/15/2010 I have added scores for the 1974 season of the World Football League. It uses a pipe-delimited format for the scores.

Here's an example:

12/05/1974|Florida Blazers|21|Birmingham Americans|22

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