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* REST and replication are aspects that should be part of ALL future web databases
* REST is well understood
* CouchDB style or similar replication needs to be an open protocol, documented and standardized
* Master-Master replication is not new to the Internet, FTP, SMTP, NNTP, RDist are master-master replication protocols
* They are relatively crude and dont have built in versioning.
* We need a more sophisticated master-master replication protocol
Why this approach
IMHO, the viral spread of CouchDB amongst potential users has been restricted by the false perception of the
need to know Erlang. It has also been restricted by the small number of developers who know Erlang.
The internals of the database technology in the Raredb approach, are orthogonal to the interface definition.
I.e. if you do REST in an interface-compliant way and you do replication in a protocol compliant way, then you are Rare-compliant.
The interface and protocol spcifics TBD as part of this project but they will be based on lessons learned in CouchDB. .
Interface - map CRUD to REST verbs in obvious ways a ls CouchDB
Implementation - should be left to multiple developers, providing a reference implementation of REST interface and protocols.
An initial very crude implementation, proof-of-concept, is being attempted as follows
1) Replication done by git (this is not Couch-compliant, we know that), but the goals here are wider and possibly different)
* note that initially we are only interested in replicating directory trees of files
* if we focus on use cases we may see that interpersonal applications use "folder syncing" a lot. we use git for this.
* in future we may make this CouchDB replication compliant (note that git uses a tail append file like CouchDB, which may or may not be relevant)
2) REST done by any number of different language based web servers/ web frameworks.
Why use git?
* ubiquitous
* multi-language bindngs
* well understood among alpha-geeks
* peer-peer replication
* created by super-uber-geek
* mature, battle tested over multiple versions
* low level and high level primitives - can compose in many ways to create useful workflow pipelines
* github, f'in github man!.