C++ Wrapper for SQLite (Embedded Database Library)
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C++ Wrapper for SQLite (Cross Platform Embedded Database Library)

sqLITER is a simplified C++ wrapper to access the widely used SQLite database library which is written on a C API model. Licensing is GPL Lesser (Library) License v3.0. The name comes from the idea of it being even lighter; the intended pronounciation is "sqLITER -> seek lighter".

This wrapper preserves that basic call/return value API philosophy but will eventually raise exceptions as an option.

The intent is to provide the power of SQLite in a very accessible form that can have a user up and running successfully in minutes.

All of the source code, documentation, and technical information is here. The sqLITER project homepage will also grow over time.

A user manual, more thorough explanations of the design philosophy, and code samples may be found in the docs folder. Documentation contributed by Tim Marsolais.

This project grew out of personal needs; I hope that others may find it as useful. Many thanks to the SQLite folks for their outstanding work!