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A minimalist Hugo theme built using the Bulma css framework.

A simple theme to use. Sections are defined directly below content/ and navigation is meant to be intuitive. By default the theme assumes you are posting content under content/blog but you can change which sections are listed on the front page and recent articles widget by editing the list post_sections in the config.toml.

The theme is also highly themable. Just set the bulma_theme variable in your config.toml to an existing theme from Bulma Swatch.

You can add custom css or js by placing your files in /static/css or /static/js in your project folder and listing them in the custom_css/custom_js lists in your config.toml. Just list each file by its name (excluding /js/ or /css/) and it will be sourced in the template after the theme's core files.

You can also load custom css or js on a per page basis by putting custom_css or custom_js lists in the headmatter of an individual page.


A themable minimalist Hugo theme built using the Bulma css framework



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