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Fizzbuzz is a programming problem thats often used to filter out poor programmers in job interviews.
In the spirit of Enterprise Fizz Buzz, I thought it would be funny to produce some silly solutions.
Ive tried to do something "interesting" for each solution. 
You would never use these as real solutions to fizzbuzz, but they might be worthwhile as demonstrations of other techniques.

  templates generate a function that prints output to fizzbuzz between N and M.
  No calculations done at runtime. No looping.
  "A decent compiler could inline it all into one long function"
  Of course MSVC doesnt do this. It inlines small ranges though.
  Uses the C preprocessor to expand and print the solution at compile time.
  (I use msvc's #pragma message("blah") to print the message at compile time)
  Like above. Uses the C preprocessor to expand to a function that prints the solution.
  Again no calculations or looping done at runtime.
  You can even use the debugger to step through it. (If you are using msvc its easier to follow when viewing disassembly)
  Kind of like a poor mans code generator...