Analytics Tools for Instructors

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NB Analytics Tools allow instructors to visualize discussion activity for a particular document. Metrics are aggregated by page and displayed in an interactive chart and page heat map. This page explains how to use these tools. For information on development, see Analytics Tools for Developers.


To access the tools, view the list of files for a given class or folder in your dashboard. Under the "Actions" menu, click "Analytics."

Chart View

The chart view displays metrics for a document aggregated by page.


The following metrics are available:

  • Threads - The number of discussions associated with distinct locations on the page. A thread is started when a user marks a section of the text and writes an initial remark, and any comments made in response to that comment (as well as comments made in response to those comments) are part of the same thread.
  • Comments - The number of distinct posts. These include initial comments marked in association with a particular section of the text, as well as comments made in response to existing comments. Comments may exist several levels deep within a thread.
  • Replies Requested - The number of “+” button clicks for any thread on the page.
  • Participants - The number of distinct users (including faculty) who have posted on the page.
  • Total Time (min) - The total time in minutes that users in the class have spent on the page. This does not include “idle” time in which no interactions with the page, including scrolling, occurred for two minutes or longer. We assume that in these cases, the user engaged in significant multitasking, the screen was abandoned, or an error in logging occurred.
  • Average Time (min) - The average time in minutes that any user who has viewed that page has spent viewing the page. Again, this does not include “idle” sessions of two minutes or longer.

Comparing metrics

By default, threads, comments, replies requested, and participants are visible in the chart.

To toggle on or off a metric in the chart, click its label in the legend:

Viewing enlarged pages

To view an enlarged image of a page and its annotated locations, hover over the page number on the x-axis labels.

Page Heat Map View

The Page Heat Map View provides at-a-glance information on where discussion is concentrated. Annotated regions are highlighted in yellow and outlined in black. The more opaque the yellow, the more comments there are in a particular thread.


Under each page thumbnail, the same metrics are displayed as in the chart view, except the two time metrics.

Filtering pages

By default, all pages are shown. To display only pages with comments, next to "Show:", select "Pages with comments" in the dropdown menu:

Similarly, to display only pages with replies requested, select "Pages with replies requested" in the same menu.

Sorting pages

By default, the page thumbnails are ordered by page number. To change the ordering, select a metric in the dropdown next to "Sort by:"

Viewing enlarged pages

To view an enlarged image of the page and its annotated locations, hover over the page thumbnail.

Viewing context in NB

To view a page with its full discussion threads in NB, click the page number below the thumbnail.

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