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MultipartUpload uses an operation queue to chunk up and upload all pieces of a large file to S3. It does not handle persistence so if you only get part way through an upload, you have to manage the process of re-uploading again.


  1. Reachability - The best version to use is this one:
  2. AWSiOSSDK.framework - Part of the AWS iOS SDK download:
  3. SystemConfiguration.framework - Part of the standard iOS SDK
  4. An AWS S3 account


See example application.

Create and retain an instance by passing your S3 credentials:

[self setUploader:[[[MultiPartFileUploader alloc] initWithS3Key:kS3AccessKey secret:kS3SecretKey bucket:kS3Bucket] autorelease]];

Create and retain an operation queue that can be used to do the individual part uploads:

[self setQueue:[[[NSOperationQueue alloc] init] autorelease]];

Pass a the URL for a locally-stored file to the uploader. Optionally set a delegate for progress updates.

[[self uploader] uploadFileAtUrl:url operationQueue:[self queue] delegate:self];

To do: