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This plugin allows polls, integrated with your user model, within your application.
Install plugin
* Run the generator command:
./script/generate acts_as_pollable
* Update the database, running migration:
rake db:migrate
Create poll
* To create a poll use the following command:
./script/runner vendor/plugins/acts_as_pollable/create_poll.rb
The script will ask you which are the answers, which is the questions displayed, among other configurations (allows multiple selection, who is allowed to vote: registered users, anonymous, etc.) for the poll.
Show poll in views
* Insert the poll helper in your view:
#someview.rhtml (where you want to show the poll)
<%= poll ( poll_name, { :in_place => true, :redirect_to => some_url, :view_dir => view_directory } ) %>
* poll_name. This is the name that identifies the poll to display. This is the only required parameter.
* :in_place. Enables AJAX functionality to the poll if it is set to true, otherwise the hole page would be reload while submitting a vote.
* :redirect_to. This is an url to redirect after the vote.
* :view_dir. If present, it loads the poll views (show_poll, already_vote, user_not_logged, etc) from the directory set by this parameter. Otherwise, all views will be taken from RAILS_APP/vendor/plugins/acts_as_pollable/views.
* Insert act_as_vote_handler statement in the controller of the view (where the poll helper is used):
class SomeController
More Information, improvment & comments
For more information you can visit the following page:
Copyright (c) 2009 [name of plugin creator], released under the MIT license