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Many thanks to the following people who have submitted ideas, patches, helped with testing
and/or generally provided support to Sprinkle, I really appreciate your help:
Kristin Baumann (
Ben Schwarz (
Jim Freeze (
Matthew Tanase (
Jared Kuolt (
Jamis Buck (
Matt Allen (
Eric Hodel (
Pete Yandell (
Adam Meehan (
Mitchell Hashimoto (
Ari Lerner (
Jorgen Orehøj Erichsen (
Joshua Sierles (
Julian Russell (
Dave (Gassto) (
Bodaniel Jeanes (
Jacob Harris (
Justin Pease (
Tobias Lütke (
Josh Reynolds (
Jan Ulbrich (
Chris Gaffney (
Maxmpz (
Geoff Garside (
Oliver Kiessler (
Nick Plante (
The transfer installer contains a piece of exception reporting code copied from the Chef library (
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