Creating Effective Graphs with Microsoft R Open
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Creating Effective Graphs with Microsoft R Open

This repository contains files to accompany Creating effective graphs with Microsoft R Open by Naomi B. Robbins and Joyce Robbins.

To download all files, click "Download ZIP"

To download single pdfs, click the file name and then "Raw".


EGMROwide.pptx|April 28, 2016 Webinar slides (check back soon for code files)

pdfs of book + supplemental material

File name Description
EffectiveGraphsMRO.pdf Effective Graphs with Microsoft R Open White Paper
ggplot2code.pdf Electronic version of ggplot2 code and graphs (not included in White Paper)
BaseGraphicsCheatsheet.pdf Base graphics cheatsheet for printing

R code and data files

File name Description
code folder that contains all code to produce graphs
data folder with data files (copies are also available in the appropriate subdirectories of code)
barpercent.R function to create a bar chart with percentages labeled (alternative to pie chart)
dotchartsolid.R function to create Cleveland dot plot with solid (rather than dotted) lines

Draft files folder

File name Description
CEGMRO.pdf draft of White Paper
CEGMRO.Rnw R Sweave file to produce CEGMRO.pdf
BaseGraphicsP1.pdf, BaseGraphicsP2.pdf files needed to knit CEGMRO.Rnw to pdf