@pvandervelde pvandervelde released this Jul 13, 2017 · 60 commits to master since this release

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[223] Add integration test for pushing to a branch (pvandervelde)
[248] Provide insertion points for the step sequence (pvandervelde)
[274] Reorganise the integration tests (pvandervelde)
[291] Deploy to git branch fails if local repository already exists (pvandervelde)
[292] nBuildKit deploy to github: Release notes don't appear (pvandervelde)
[295] Readme has wrong link for github releases (pvandervelde)
[296] Add ability to verify GPG signed files (pvandervelde)
[297] Migrate file hash calculation scripts from Ops-Tools-Build (pvandervelde)
[299] Allow downloading of files from HTTPS locations (pvandervelde)
[301] HttpFilesToCopy should provide 'name' under which files are stored (pvandervelde)
[302] Update to GitVersion 4.0 (pvandervelde)
[303] Deploy artefacts to a HTTP or HTTPS server (pvandervelde)
[304] Provide flags to indicate which stage the build is in (pvandervelde)
[305] Only download GPG if we have files that need GPG verification (pvandervelde)
[306] Allow use of templates in archive files to copy (pvandervelde)
[307] Only execute pester if there are actual tests (pvandervelde)
[308] Rename DirTest to DirTests (pvandervelde)
[309] Properties for branch type should be set in the pre-user file (pvandervelde)
[310] DirUserSettings overwritten during build (pvandervelde)
[311] Http upload should not buffer files while uploading (pvandervelde)
[312] Allow deleting files from a HTTP file server (pvandervelde)