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This is a web software which provide an environment for currency trading.

This is the Beta version of the software.Some updates will be released. This is a web software which provides an environment for currency trading and has two different interface for System Admins and Users.

Admin Interface makes possible;

Creating new resources. Updating the number of different currencies such as USD,GBP,Euro and Turkish Lira. Creating new promotion code for a user's depositing to the account. Determining exchange rates for different currencies. User Interface makes possible;

Changing and exchanging currency of users. Signing up for starting to the change. Currency Trading. Using promotion a code for depositing new currency to the account.

Instructions for Installation

To integrate database to the Project on your computer, please install MySQL Database and MySQL Workbench software. After this, You will see the Import Data button on the left hand side. Click it and import Back Up file which i gave you into the program via selecting Self-Contained file. Open the Project and you will see 3 different class which are named as AdminBean, LoginBean and AnaBean. Each of these has two variables which are named as dbUser and dbPass. Give the value of your database to these variables. If you didn’t change it, User name is “root” generally. For usage of software, everything is ready.