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Jul 03, 2011

  1. Nathan Byloff

    Initial commit of TypedBytes MongoRecordReader


Jun 22, 2011

  1. Ryan

    increased driver to 2.6.3 - you can run on 2.5.3, but latest is recom…

    rgnitz authored

May 20, 2011

  1. Ryan

    added license and formatted.

    rgnitz authored

May 18, 2011

  1. Brendan W. McAdams

    Updating Ivy Dependencies to use now available public hadoop artifacts

      - Migrating Hadoop to 0.20.203 ( )
      - Migrating Pig to 0.8.3
    bwmcadams authored
  2. NYU Hadoop Project; Implemented splits that connect to individual sha…

    …rd backends
    Use $min and $max instead of $gte and $lt
    Formatting changes to be in compliance with the mongo style guide
    Handle shards that are replica sets
    Adding WordCountSplitTest
    Added command line options
    Added ability to test with a query
    Shard by num, not _id
    Cleanup: rename variables to be compliant with code format standards
    Change default for use_chunks to be true
    Extend MongoTool so can be run by test harness
    Close Mongos in finally blocks
    Added examples/ip_location/
    MapReduce Chain
    Fixed patterns: size can be digits or "-"
    Consolidated logic into com.mongodb.hadoop.mapred.MongoInputFormat
    Made implement org.apache.hadoop.mapred.InputSplit
    Consolidated logic into com.mongodb.hadoop.input.MongoRecordReader
    add Snmp MapReduce function with MongoTool
    Add new Snmp MapReduce function with MongoTool
    Add testharness config file and new MapReduce function with combiner
    Added "$update" handling
    Implement WritableComparable
    shard collection in java code, do not rely on the script
    Joseph Shraibman authored bwmcadams committed

Jan 12, 2011

  1. Brendan W. McAdams

    Update to Java Driver 2.4

    bwmcadams authored

Nov 15, 2010

  1. Brendan W. McAdams

    Added Mongo Java Driver to ivy since we don't need master anymore

    (Release 2.3 has our deps)
    bwmcadams authored

Nov 09, 2010

  1. Brendan W. McAdams

    Reverted Cloudera builds, preference is to stay on official Apache

    bwmcadams authored
  2. Brendan W. McAdams

    Moved to the Cloudera builds of Hadoop which include patches for binary

    streaming, etc.
    bwmcadams authored

Oct 25, 2010

  1. Brendan W. McAdams

    * Misc:

      - Updated task list/todos with some additional items
      - Fixed ivy retrieve which needed a dependency on 'init' to load ivy first
      - Added dependency on commons-cli
    * Examples:
      - To correct some ongoing bugs, gave an explicit package to WordCount
      - Added example class to Jar for CLI testing
      - Migrated WordCount to XML config & ToolRunner implementation
    * Core:
      - Due to issues w/ using custom config classes in true distributed
        hadoop mode, removed MongoConfig class and migrated to a
        MongoConfigHelper which can statically get & set mongo specific
      - Implemented support for XML Config files & Tool/ToolRunner
        interfaces for vastly simpler configurations
    bwmcadams authored

Oct 18, 2010

  1. Brendan W. McAdams

    - Added Ivy for dependency management

    bwmcadams authored erh committed
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