Customizable markup-to-Html parser/formater library
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Customizable markup-to-Html parser/formater library

It support the following formats :

  • split the code into paragraphs (when there is an empty line)
  • add linebreaks otherwise
  • [tag]....[/tag] : will call formatTag so you can build any HTML you want from it
  • [tag=attrib]...[/tab] : same but with an attribute (can be anything not including ] or newlines)
  • * .... : lines items are a star prefixed by one or many spaces, which will give the identation for sublists
  • each plain text element goes through formatPlainText which can do the additional tricks (htmlEscape, but also autolinks, etc.)
  • ====== title ====== : h1 title, (use less = for h2,h3,...)
  • <node>...</node> : similar to tags but the content is not parsed, will call formatNode which can return null to keep it as-it