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YOU, are the eighth alphabet!

What is "LGBTPZN"? Uptil now, it was an acronym for 7 diverse outlooks on sexual identity- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Pedophile, Zoophile, Necrophile. Nowadays, LGBTPZN is not just an acronym, but a symbol for all array of sexual identity. Go

What is "http://lgbtpzn.org "? http://LGBTPZN.org is a vehicle for those who identify themselves as LGBTPZN, and supporters of this movement. We are completely non-profit, and there are no central governing body. http://LGBTPZN.org operates on a rough consensus through the usage of the twitter hashtag #LGBTPZN (As the movement grows, a need for regulations and a clear governing body may arise in the future) The owner of the internet domain http://LGBTPZN.org and its administrator is @vaginaplant The administrator is not the leader of this movement. Go

LGBTPZN abroad It has been noted that conservative Catholics in Poland utilises LGBTPZN in order to defame the Polish LGBT community. Some have commented that this is the opposite usage of LGBTPZN in comparison to Japan. However LGBTPZN is an all-encompassing symbol, the 'eighth alphabet' is open even to homophobes. We sincerely believe that solidarity is possible between Polish and Japanese usage of LGBTPZN. Go

What can I do? ・Create a twitter account and join the discussion through the hashtag #LGBTPZN ・Create a GitHub account and start editing the LGBTPZN .org Wiki ・Create a GitHub account and send pull requests

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