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Data Visualization in Python

Building and Previewing Site Locally

Once you’ve added content to content directory and udpated the table of contents in _data/toc.yml, it’s time to build the raw material that Jekyll will turn into a website.

Build the site’s markdown

To Build your site's markdown, make sure to have jupyter-book package installed. jupyter-book can be installed from PyPI with pip:

pip install jupyter-book

Once jupyter-book is installed, run the following command:

jupyter-book build visualization/

This will:

  • Use the links specified in the _data/toc.yml file (pointing to files in /content/) and do the following:

    • Run nbconvert to turn the .ipynb files into markdown
    • Replace relative image file paths so that they work on your new built site
    • Clean up formatting issues for things like MathJax to display properly
    • Place all these generated files in the visualization/_build/

Note that jupyter-book will automatically update any files in _build/ that are older than the timestamp of the corresponding file in your content/ folder.

Previewing site Locally

Once you’ve generated the markdown for your notebooks and installed the necessary dependencies. You are ready to build your site HTML.

Ensure that your notebooks have been converted to markdown, there should be a collection of them in _build/.directory.

First, you’ll need to make sure you have Docker installed. There are installation instructions for each operating system to guide you through this process.

Once Docker is available on your system, you can build the image locally with:

docker pull emdupre/jupyter-book

You can then access this image with:

docker run --rm --security-opt label:disable  \
   -v /full/path/to/your/visualization-dir:/srv/jekyll \
   -p 4000:4000 \
   -it -u 1000:1000 \
   emdupre/jupyter-book bundle exec jekyll serve --host

If you navigate to in your browser, you should see a preview copy of the site.