The OpenStreetMap Tile Server in a Docker container
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ncareol/osm-tiles is a Docker image that provides a full stack for working w/ OpenStreetMap data. It can be used to:

  • Initialize PostgreSQL database w/ PostGIS extensions: initdb
  • Import OpenStreetMap data into PostgreSQL database: import
  • Optionally pre-generate tiles: render
  • Serve pre-generated (if available) and dynamically generated tiles from Apache, renderd and mapnik via an OpenLayers interface: startservices
  • Serve exclusively pre-generated tiles from Apache via an OpenLayers interface: startweb


This image is adapted from homme/openstreetmap-tiles-docker, which is based on the Switch2OSM instructions.

ncareol/osm-tiles runs Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) and is based on ncareol/baseimage, which is an adaptation of phusion/baseimage-docker. It includes:

  • PostgreSQL 9.3
  • PostGIS extensions
  • Apache 2.2
  • osm2pgsql
  • mapnik
  • mod_tile, an Apache module that also provides scripts for rendering tiles

Source code is available on GitHub:

Docker image is available on Docker Hub:


Prerequisites, configuration and a demonstration of the complete workflow are available on the wiki.

Command reference is available in help.txt or by running the image:

$ docker run ncareol/osm-tiles


Issues can be reported on GitHub: