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Public Domain

Nicky Case and Monplaisir hereby dedicate all their work for this game to the public domain, under Creative Commons Zero. That means: you can remix and reuse any of the original art / code / music in this game for any purpose, even commercial use!

Q: Do I have to give attribution?
A: You're not legally required to, but it's highly appreciated! <3

Q: Legally speaking, can I claim I made this?
A: Yes, the same way you're legally allowed to claim to have written Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, or claim you have 13 nipples.

Q: Can I post this game on other sites?
A: Maybe. Though it's completely legal copyright-wise, many sites have their own policies against posting other people's public domain/open source work without significant modifications. (But if it's your own site, then by all means, please mirror this game!)

Q: Can I sell a port of this game?
A: Yes! But to avoid confusion, I recommend labeling your game as "Fan-Made Port", and link to this statement saying I'm explicitly allowing commercial remixes. (Example: a Steam port of another one of my games!) This is to avoid accusations of theft from folks who weren't aware I always open-source + public-domain my projects.

Q: Can I turn this game into a dating sim between the human and wolf?
A: uh

Full Credits

Art / Code / Writing by Nicky Case

Music by Monplaisir

Extra code by Spacie

Sound Effects from (Creative Commons)

Sound Effects from (All Creative Commons Zero)

Copyrighted Sounds That I Really Hope Count As Fair Use:

  • The Pokémon theme song is © The Pokémon Company. I used a ~22s instrumental clip for a parody song about Tinder.
  • The "Hadouken!" sound is © Capcom. I used it as parody for the anxiety wolf's Special Attack.

Open Source Libraries

Thank you to my playtesters!

B Cavello, EmilyKate McDonough, Glen Chiacchieri, Mikayla Hutchinson, Monica Srivastava, Rowan, Srini Kadamati

And of course, thank you to the generous support of my fans on Patreon. Luv y'all <3

How To Translate

TRANSLATIONS COMPLETE: Français, Русский, Português do Brasil, Português de Portugal, Deutsch, Español (Europeo), Español (Latino), bahasa indonesia, Türkçe, 中文, 中文(臺灣), Polski, ภาษาไทย, bahasa indonesia Українська мова

Okay. I super, super seriously apologize in advance.

Translating this thing will suck.

Thus, I highly recommend collaborating online on a translation! There's about 9,000 words to translate, the rules of what to translate or not are a bit weird, and you'll need to edit some images. But if you're still up for it...

Step 0:

Check the existing issues to see if everyone else has already started your desired translation. If someone already started, go help them! :)

Step 1:

Make a fork on Github!

Step 2:

POST A GITHUB ISSUE WITH A LINK TO YOUR FORK. This will let folks a) know a translation is in process, and b) let you find collaborators for the translation process!

Step 3:

Translate all the Markdown files in /scenes. (about 9000 words) Personally I use MacDown (Mac only), but there's a whole bunch of other free open-source Markdown editors.

THERE ARE RULES OF WHAT TO TRANSLATE OR NOT. It's probably best to show it with examples. Excuse my terrible French...

Original English:

Translated to "Nicky's Attempt At French":

As you can see, you don't translate everything.

Just translate:

  • Anything after a letter + colon. This changes a dialogue spoken. "h:" is hong the human, "b:" is beebee the wolf, etc.
  • Anything in the square brackets of [words words words](#section_name). This changes the dialogue choices.

Do NOT translate:

  • Anything within `code({with:"backticks",like:"this"});`. This is the code that runs between dialogue lines.
  • Anything within {{ these brackets either }}. These allow for changes in dialogue based on previous choices (see example above).
  • Any line that starts with a #. That's a section name.
  • The part in the round brackets in [words words words](#section_name). That's the name of the section you'll go to if you select that dialogue choice.


  • Try NOT to make any translated line go too much longer than the original. Otherwise dialogue may go off-screen. Paraphrase or cut words if you have to.
  • Use asterisks for *emphasis*. This will italicize the words in the dialogue! (This is standard Markdown syntax)
  • Try to keep pronouns gender-neutral (e.g. English's singular "they") for referring to characters or the player. If your target language doesn't allow that, then flip a coin for each character's gender, or something.

Oh but of course that's not all the rules! Two more rules, for swear words:

Original English:

Excusez mon français:

Rules for translating swears:

  • Put all swear words in ^fucking^ carat symbols. This is so they can be replaced with @#&!✩@ in the Cuss-Free Mode.
  • Beebee the wolf (almost) never swears. They swear a couple times in the perverted Pokémon parody song but that's it. Otherwise, they say "Heck" and "Dang".

One more dumb rule: Don't translate any words within #pounds#.

Like so. English:


This was a bad system I have made.

P.S: To jump around different scenes, type Game.debug() into the Javascript console. If you hover over a gray box on the left, you'll see a sidebar that lets you jump to any scene. (Note: this make break stuff!) You can also uncomment the lines in main.js to test out the game starting from different chapters.

Step 4:

Translate index.html. (about 70 words) There's further instructions in that file itself. (Feel free to add yourself + your collaborators as translators in the top-left corner!)

This translates some UI, and helps search engines + social networks understand the page is in your target language.

Step 5:

Translate the images. This step sucks. You can use an image-editing program like MS Paint or GIMP.

If you don't feel like re-drawing text, you can find open-source "handwritten" fonts on Google Fonts. (I used Sniglet for some text)

Images to translate: (about 70 words)

  • sharing/thumb.png (so when folks share your game on social media, the thumbnail's in your language! in the same folder, I put a thumb_no_words.png image to help you make a new thumbnail.)
  • sprites/about/cc0.png
  • sprites/about/replay.png
  • sprites/act4/callback.png
  • sprites/credits/end_message.png
  • sprites/credits/screens.png (feel free to add yourself in closing credits as a translator)
  • sprites/credits/starring.png
  • sprites/credits/thanks.png
  • sprites/intermission/youwin.png
  • sprites/intro/intro_logo.png (feel free to add yourself in opening credits as a translator)
  • sprites/ui/fear_captions.png
  • sprites/ui/preloader.png

Step 6:

Your translated game is DONE! Now you just need to put it online. You can follow Github Pages's instructions for free hosting. (it's the same way I'm hosting my game)


This game also has a link to a list of Mental Health Tips & Resources, on a different webpage. It's not part of the "main" game, but it may still be valuable to make accessible in more languages.

The repo & instructions for translating that are here!


Email me at so I know you're done!

Do NOT send a Pull Request to this repo, because that will change the original game. I will, however, edit the original game to have a link to your translation!

I'm usually busy and/or bad at email, so it'll take me a while to get around to it, but if I don't respond for a week, ping me again!

Thank you you're the beeeeeest 💖🐺💖


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