Coming Out Simulator 2014
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Coming Out Simulator 2014
a half-true game about half-truths.

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Be careful what you say. In this conversation simulator, everyone will remember every dialogue option you pick, and your choices drive the story. This game is semi-autobiographical. You play as a fictionalized version of this game's author in the year 2010, during a night that changed their life forever. If that seems confusing or awkward, well, that's the gist of being forced to come out to one's parents, isn't it?

Created by: Nicky Case | @ncasenmare

GIFs & Screenshots: Imgur Album

Behind-the-scenes: My open design document.

This game is dedicated to the public domain. (CC0, Unlicense)

You are welcome to share and remix this game's code/art however you please, even for money-making purposes. Attribution is always appreciated, but not mandatory.

Audio Credits (All CC0 Sounds from FreeSound):