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All code and art is dedicated to the public domain via CC0, with the exception of a few external libraries and audio stuff I didn't make.

Thank you to my Patreon supporters for making this possible!

  • Aimee Jarboe
  • Ben Lin
  • Ben Severs
  • Cai W
  • Carl Muckenhoupt
  • Carolyn VanEseltine
  • Charlie McIlwain
  • Charlie Stigler
  • Cort Stratton
  • Darri Arnarson
  • Dee
  • Delrian
  • Dylan Field
  • Fahrstuhl
  • George
  • Glen Ivey
  • @GuiAmbros
  • Henry Segerman
  • Jacques Frechet
  • Juan Luis
  • Nick
  • Nicole Aptekar
  • Paul Woolcock
  • Piotr Migdał
  • Rachel Nabors
  • Rami Markus Maunula
  • //Richard
  • Rob Napier
  • Sam Anderson
  • springulum
  • Squinky
  • Tailszefox
  • Ted Hahn
  • Vanessa Shen
  • Xander MeowMix C
  • Xavier Gaeta

Narcissistically Keeping A List Of When This Got Written Up In Press:

Sep 22, 2015: Mental Floss
Sep 23, 2015: FlowingData
Sep 25, 2015: KillScreen
Sep 25, 2015: FastCompany
Oct 13, 2015: BoingBoing

Maybe I need to learn to actually do the boring stuff that comes after a project is "complete", the press, the maintenance, the aftercare, y'know? And not just ditch my past projects in a jiffy like I'm running away from myself.

Nov 11, 2015: iQ Intel

Audio Credits:
Original music by Phyrnna (CC-BY)
Neuron Clicky-Clicky Sound (CC0)


Neurotic Neurons, an interactive explanation.




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