An interactive comic on Spaced Repetition
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How To Remember Anything Forever-ish is dedicated to the public domain, and was made possible thanks to my Patreon supporters! Love y'all~

Full Asset Credits:

From Wikimedia Commons:


Open Source Libraries:

Font: Patrick Hand by Patrick Wagesreiter

Share Buttons: Social Flat Rounded Rects by Aha-Soft (CC BY)

How To Translate:

[IMPORTANT: BEFORE YOU MAKE A TRANSLATION, CHECK THE "ISSUES" TAB ABOVE, TO SEE IF SOMEONE ELSE IS ALREADY WORKING ON IT. If so, maybe you can collaborate! And if no one else is, PLEASE CREATE A NEW ISSUE in this repo so that others know you're working on it!]

Translations done so far:
Español Français Русский 简体中文

To translate this project, you'll need a basic familiarity with HTML and GitHub.

Step 1) Clone this repo!

Step 2) Look up the two-letter code of the language you're translating to here.

Step 3) COPY index.html, and name the copy [your-two-letter-code].html. For example: de.html, ar.html, zh.html, etc...

Step 4) Translate THAT page (it's about 3,500 words). Do NOT modify the original index.html!

Step 5) Go to translations.txt, and add a new section so that the code "knows" your translation exists. (more specific instructions will be inside that file)

Step 6) Send a Pull Request so I can make your translation go live!

Step 7) 🎉 fweeeee

Zero Rights Reserved

How To Remember Anything Forever-ish is released under Creative Commons Zero / public domain waiver. Meaning: you can freely use this thing for educational, personal, or even commercial use. You already have my permission! Attribution is appreciated but not legally necessary.