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A NodeJS fork of jamespadolsey's cron.js.


var cronJob = require('cron'), sys = require('sys');
cronJob('* * * * * *', function(){
    sys.puts('You will see this message every second');

Available Cron patterns:

Asterisk. E.g. *
Ranges. E.g. 1-3,5
Steps. E.g. */2

Read up on cron patterns here.

Another example

var cronJob = require('cron2'), sys = require('sys');

cronJob('00 30 11 * * 2-6', function(){ // Runs every weekday (Monday through Friday) // at 11:30:00 AM. It does not run on Saturday // or Sunday. });

How to check if a cron pattern is valid:

    try {
        cronJob('invalid cron pattern', function() {
            sys.puts('this should not be printed');
    } catch(ex) {
        sys.puts("cron pattern not valid");


From source: `sudo npm install`
From npm: `sudo npm install cron`


  • Nick Campbell
  • Finn Herpich
  • James Padolsey
  • cliftonc
  • Finn
  • neyric
  • humanchimp


This is under a dual license, MIT and GPL. However, the author of cron.js hasn't specified which version of the GPL, once I know I'll update this project and the packaging files.


Node.js™ is an official trademark of Joyent. This module is not formally related to or endorsed by the official Joyent Node.js open source or commercial project

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