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Passing context info in onTick function #47

ibansal opened this Issue · 4 comments

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We need to pass context info in onTick function the way this is implemented in setInterval, any support for this.


Hmm. I can see this being useful. The tradeoff is that you do not get to call this.stop() from within the callback. I think this is probably fine.

It will default to calling the onComplete function within the scope of the job.


@ncb000gt ncb000gt referenced this issue from a commit
@ncb000gt Specify context for onComplete.
It seems to be a nice feature that the oncomplete method be allowed to
have a specific context within which to execute (GH-47).

Signed-off-by: Nick Campbell <>

I've got one other feature I want to work out before pushing a new version. Once that is done I'll publish. For now you can use the code from master to accomplish what you want.

Also, I just noticed that I called it onComplete in the in the commit and comment...that is just what it is called internally in the code. The tests are for the onTick function.

@ncb000gt ncb000gt closed this

This has been published to npm in v1.0.1.


Great ... thanks...

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