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Node.js client for Riak with support for HTTP and Protocol Buffers.


npm install riak-js@latest


If you clone the repository or download a tarball from github you will need CoffeeScript.

It can be installed via brew install coffee-script or npm install coffee-script.

Simply execute cake dev to start continuous compilation. You may also want to run npm link so that whenever you call require('riak-js') it will always point to the current dev version.

Test with cake test or cake -s test. Requires Vows 0.5.2.

Features and documentation

Twitter: @riakjs



  • Fix index.js and package.json for npm compat
  • Fix recursing usermeta
  • Fix for luwak location parsing
  • Updates related to Riak Search operations


  • Test backend implementation
  • Connect session store
  • Protobuf parsing is now more robust
  • Replace client every time ECONNREFUSED occurs
  • Initial Riak Search support
  • Minor bugfixing and internals refactoring


  • Add support for bucket listing in HTTP (new Riak 0.14 feature)
  • Updated to CoffeeScript 1.0.0
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by adding too many Event Listeners
  • If there's no vclock present in a Meta, do not send any clientId