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May 30, 2013

Cisc0wn - Cisco SNMP Script

Cisco SNMP enumeration, brute force, config downloader and password cracking script.

Tested and designed to work against Cisco IOS Switches and Routers.

Released as open source by NCC Group Plc -

Developed by Daniel Compton, daniel dot compton at nccgroup dot com

Fixed and updated by Tom Watson, tom dot watson at nccgroup dot com

Minor Comit by Darren McDonald, darren dot mcdonald at nccgroup dot com

Updated by Jason Soto, jason_soto at jsitech dot com

Released under AGPL see LICENSE for more information


git clone

How To Use



  • Checks SNMP is enabled on the route
  • Brute forces the SNMP Read Only and Read Write community strings (can edit which wordlist it uses in script header)
  • Enumerates information such as IOS version, hostname, Arp table, Routing table, interface list and IP addresses using the RO or RW community string.
  • If RW community was found it will then download the router config automatically.
  • It then searches and displays any enable or telnet passwords in clear text.
  • If it finds Cisco type 7 encoded enable or telnet passwords it will auto decode them.
  • It will display the Enable secret type 5 password and attempt to crack the MD5. It uses John first with its built in wordlist for speed. If this fails it will try and full crack.


Tested on Backtrack 5 and Kali.

New Version Tested in Kali Sana

Screen Shot



Change Log

Version 1.8 - Syntax Error in msfconsole Commands Corrected, Part of the Script still using msfcli moved to msfconsole, Updated commands and john password list locations Version 1.7 - Syntax error causing bug when no enable secrets in config file corrected Version 1.6 - Updated to reflect changes in metasploit filesystem use, made grep case insensitive to avoid false negatives, added new location for community string file & moved from the deprecated msfcli to msfconsole -x syntax Version 1.5 - Official release.


Automated Cisco SNMP Enumeration, Brute Force, Configuration Download and Password Cracking




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