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This is probably the final version of tracy with a proxy. We are currently migrating away from the whole proxy model and moving everything into the browser extension. We found that a lot of people had issues with the setup and it turns out that maintaining pretty much a fully functioning proxy is a pain. In the future, all of the proxy code will no longer be needed as those features can be performed in the browser extension. If you enjoyed the proxy workflow, speak now or forever hold your peace.

The new flow will still have an API and database. The API will always be able to run locally, however, we hope to have a database on the internet for easy setup. The next release should hopefully be as easy as installing the extension and begin tracing. We hope to also have a new UI and support for team tracing.


  • Add a small caching layer to make things a bit faster for people with larger databases
  • UI printout of memory for people concerned about tracy taking up too much memory
  • Request/Response size cap. Please don't put tracy payloads in requests larger than 1MB
  • Updates to the extension to fix CORB issues
  • Probably other things

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